Schroet Kommando

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Legendary Quake clan from Oberhausen, Germany. Formed by three brothers - Kane, Griff and Burke.


Started out as a QW clan. Today Schroet Kommando, SK, SK-Gaming, is the worlds leading multi-gaming clan with several squads in different games. Their homepage is also the biggest e-Sport portal in the world.


Former members

.. and others ..

Achievements (All achievements before year 2000)

Frag 3 - 1on1 1st Hakeem 
Frag 3 - 1on1 7th Timber 
Frag 3 - 1on1 13th Kane 
GXP2 - 4on4 1st SK
GXP2 - 1on1 2nd Griff 
GXP2 - 1on1 1st Kane 
GXP2 - 2on2 1st Kane + Kila 
GXP2 - 2on2 2nd Griff + Speed 
Rapture 99 - 1on1 2nd Timber 
Rapture 99 - 1on1 1st Kane 
Fusion - 1on1 1st Kane 
Fusion - 2on2 1st Kane + Griff 
Fusion - 4on4 1st SK 
TGI - 1on1 2nd Kane 
Darkbreed - 4on4 2nd SK 
Darkbreed - 1on1 2nd Griff 
Darkbreed - 1on1 4th Kila 
Darkbreed - 1on1 1st Kane 
Darkbreed - 4on4 1st SK  
Darkbreed - 1on1 3rd DocSnyder 
GXP - 1on1 1st Kane 
GXP - FFA 1st Griff 
Swisscon - 1on1 1st Kane 
Swisscon - 1on1 2nd DocSnyder 
Swisscon - 4on4 1st SK    
QDay III - 4on4 1st SK  
QDay III - 1on1 2nd Therion

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