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Griff's brother. Founder of Schroet Kommando.

  • Real name: Benjamin Reichert
  • Born: 17.05.1983
  • Nationality: Flag de.gif German
  • Current clan: Flag de.gif RW Oberhausen

Gave up his online gaming career in favour of playing football professionally.


From Challenge-TV's coverage of True Gamers Invitational:

If there was one player who might beat the Lakerman (the top seed) it was Kane, from Germany. Immediately before the tournament he won a major German LAN against some of the toughest competition on the continent. It ws rumoured that he was practicing intensively, and that he «really wanted to win». Kane leapt up the seedings rankings and we all expected great things from him. He did not disappoint. Despite what seemed like insurmountable computer problems, and with the technical, moral and tactical assistance of his older brother Griff, Kane prevailed until the very end, where he lost the final by just 1 frag. How did he respond to what many described as «incredibly bad luck»? He laughed, he congratulated Lakerman, he looked supremely happy. The Germans are very fortunate indeed to have a young player of such talent and strength as Kane. He is a genuine Quake star, and if Quake 3: Arena is half the game Quake was he will discover opportunities that the rest of us have only dreamt of.»

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