NQR10 GC Final cMF-DAG

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NQR10 GC Final cMF-DAG dm3.jpg

We weren't ready in the beginning and when we finally took over, it was way too late. - by Clan MalFunction


NQR10 GC Final cMF-DAG e1m2.jpg

I suppose this round reflects our form tonight. Even though we started really strong and held control for quite some time, we gave it away at a discounted price. Sure, they had to work for it but we kinda let them do it. I think we expected to win the final without breaking a sweat. Congratulations to dag, they have proven to be worthy winners. We, cmf, would also like to apologize to the spectators for such lackluster performance. - by Clan MalFunction


NQR10 GC Final cMF-DAG dm2.jpg

Not much to say about this one either. They were playing extremely well, especially razor, while we put on a sub-par performance. - by Clan MalFunction


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