EQL Season 15

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  • Clients allowed:
  • Open source clients (with source code publicly availible on Internet) that have equivalent checks/restrictions of ezQuake's
  • Map pool: DM2, DM3, E1M2
  • Maps to win: Best of three (Divisions), Best of five (Playoffs)


Group A

Flag eu.gif Blueballs
Flag eu.gif crazy 88
Flag pl.gif Demolition Crew
Flag dk.gif Fallen Angels
Flag fi.gif In a Blaze
Flag se.gif Mini-cute
Flag us.gif OClan
Flag fi.gif Paras
Flag fi.gif Satanic Slaughter Clan
Flag eu.gif Slackers
Flag se.gif Suddendeath 2
Flag fi.gif Tactical Powerless Amebas

Group B

Flag se.gif At my Friends Wedding
Flag se.gif Chosen
Flag fi.gif Fraggers United
Flag ru.gif Dinosaurus & noobs
Flag pl.gif Machinery
Flag eu.gif Osams
Flag us.gif Paramedics
Flag de.gif Smack that Ass
Flag eu.gif Spaceballs
Flag se.gif Suddendeath
Flag se.gif Too Cute
Flag hu.gif Zlt and his amazing Friends


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