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Hooraytio started playing Quake on LANs back in 1998 with oldtimers like Ix, Glimt, Danne & Hawk (cots). Soon thereafter he and the others at the LANs switched to QW because of better playing conditions compared to NQ. They formed a couple of LAN clans like MicroWave and Saerskolans Quakeförening, which later played some pracs online. Played HPW QW from 1999 to 2001, mostly in SQF and Splatt, until ADSL finally arrived during autumn of 2001.

Splatt was transformed to a LPB clan and the HPW scene really took a nosedive around 2000-2002. Splatt never really got into any serious competitions during its first active period so Hooraytio briefly played with campbusters in some qualification for Smackdown. However, as capmbusters didnt qualify Hooraytio soon after joined Gamblers instead taking a few key players, like Canius, from Splatt with him.

Hooraytio then played in Gamblers in the NQR seasons 2&3 reaching the playoffs in NQR2 and ending up in 2nd place in NQR3 division 3. During NQR4-6 he played yet again with Splatt, Gamblers & Havana Affair respectively. None of these seasons were very succesful and none of the teams reached the qualification games that were used by NQR to promote/demote clans between divisions. The reason for this massive clanhoping was that all of these clans died out after just one season.

During NQR7 Hooraytio played with oLW but the clan lacked the consistency and effort needed to reach the playoffs. Yet again Hooraytio was faced with an idle clan and together with a few others, Pyta, Elgen & Fisto, he joined Thangorodrim where he and the others played with samgorod, trmm drkstr and katsku during NQR8.

During NQR8 a new clan called Chosen emerged and after a while of clanhoping and standinning Hooraytio joined them for EQL1. Things went well and he has played with Chosen during EQL1-20 and NQR9-11. After clan leader Term dropped out somewhere during 2007 Hooraytio has taken on a leading role. Biggest achievements with Chosen has been the EQL4 division 4 victory, EQL17 division 2 victory, EQL 19 B playoff victory, EQL18 runner up, NQR11 silver playoffs runner up and EQL12 division 2 runner up.


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