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Satanic Slaughter Clan was founded 2.10.1997 by Blob and Slaughter. (Check the founding document) The tale of SSC started when we were playing Quake in our school and we thought it would be nice to establish our own Quake-clan, because more and more Quake-clans started to appear at that time. After we agreed on the name of our new-found clan we started to think who would we ask to join it. The solution was obvious - we asked some of our irl-friends (who we played with in our school) to join and were able to build a full roster of players.

It took awhile before we could start playing on the public servers from home, because most of us didn't have an internet connection at that time. Eventually we recruited more members and were able to play our first proper official clan match against Clan Impulse (The first official match ended up in a walkover in our favor). The odd thing in this match was that it was played 6on6 - a rather rare event nowadays.

After that we recruited more members and started to play more and more matches. From the start we played just for fun as we do even today. Satanic Slaughter Clan has been very active during the years with hundreds of played matches. Though SSC was officially hibernating during the spring 2000, because both Blob and Slaughter were completing their military service in the Finnish defence forces. There have been also other inactive seasons, but we have always returned back to the game we all love - QuakeWorld. SSC has also tried its wings among other games (Q2 and CS), but with none or little passion and effort.

We are still one of the few clans that want to play also other maps than TB3-maps, especially E3M7 (aka Rapecloset) which has been our homemap nearly from the beginning.


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"Vi tog cykeln till praccen idag" - Unknown (seni?) in prac against SR2

"Vi ska åka till quad med en moped" - seni

"Jag kör med moped till 4on4 praccinen och jag har en notkot in min pocket" - seni

"När går nästa bussen till Slussen och tunnelbana till Bagarmossen?" - Slaughter accompanied by Blob

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