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Impulse was created and found by Leego in January 1998 shortly after Clan Ghost Bear fell. In a short period of time two great guys, snippi and Flank stood up to the role of leaders also. From the very beginning our goal was to be the best HPW clan in Finland, and we managed to achieve that when we won the SLQL HPW tournament final against Kemo. Shortly after that we faced Kemo again at MDML finals, and managed to repeat our success.

In the beginning of the finnish HPW scene, we battled with Brothers of Metal and clan Hell Legion. We couldn't defeat Brothers Of Metal but once, in a practice game in our map e3m3. We came close to beating them, but ultimately they were better. At some point BoM fell apart and it's players spread amongst the now LPB and HPW clans in Finland. Now cHL and maybe HPR where the leading names among the HPW scene. And of course there was Satanic Slaughter Clan, but they really never made it into the top three. We managed to beat HPR and cHL, even though they had beaten us earlier. We almost won all of our matches after that, except against LPB clans or Swedish clans. Seemed like the level of skill in Sweden was much higher at that point, and we even managed to recruit a few to our lines.

We even had a member from Spain! :) In the beginning we sent out a clan member request to Blue's Planet (remember that?) and got couple of responses from people around the world. Couple of them joined, the aussie didn't last long but the spanish guy, 503-Meleagaq, proved to be a really good player, even when his ping from Spain was well over 500 sometimes! Mele stayed with us for quite a time too, he even became the #6 quake player in Spain at some point and supposedly won in the lottery bigtime.

Anyway, a worthy adversary rose as like almost from emptiness as Kemo came into existence somewhere near half way of the year 1998. They had strangely named players like kEmoTeRaPeutTi. I always suspected them being some kind of a fake clan, but I cant really be sure ever. Anyway, they knew how to play like the Swedish. And they played good. But still, we managed to beat them in the #1 HPW tournament in Finland nearing end of 1998 and reached our goal. After that we played for a while still, but never really advanced or moved on. We kinda lost focus after the realization of reaching our goal. Most got LPB-connections, some moved to other clans like FoB or tVs. I stopped playing at some point, only to return for a frew tries here and there, but never got back to playing QW anymore. Some still play today. Somebody help them. -- leego



Former Members

That's a total of 42 members I can remember, whew! Nice number ;) As time passed by, our members got better Internet connections ans moved to LPB clans. This is the main reason for our huge number of past members.


  • Winner of MDML tournament (Again, vs Kemo) 28.10.1998
  • Winner of SLQL HPW tournament (vs Kemo) 23.09.1998
  • At least 64 official games played (48 won)

Friends & Foes

Our friendliest foes :D In no particular order.

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