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DM3 - "The Abandoned Base"
Author: John "Daikatana" Romero
Gametypes: 4on4, Clan Arena, FFA

DM3 is one of the most commonly played maps in Quakeworld. While being the most popular map for clan wars and 4on4 gameplay in general, it is also frequently played on FFA servers and is by far the most dominant map in Clan Arena games.


Some comments about the map items.

Weapons Powerups
Lightning Gun: 1 Mega Health: 3
Rocket Launcher: 1 Quad Damage: Yes
Grenade Launcher: 1 Ring of Shadows: Yes
Super Nailgun: 1 Pentagram of Protection: Yes
Nailgun: 1 Armor
Super Shotgun: 1 Red Armor: 1
Ammunition Yellow Armor: 1
Pack of 6 Cells: 2 Pack of 12 Cells: 1 Green Armor: 0
Pack of 5 Rockets: 4 Pack of 10 Rockets: 3 Health
Pack of 25 Flechettes: 5 Pack of 50 Flechettes: 4 25 Health: 4
Pack of 20 Shells: 4 Pack of 40 Shells: 4 15 Health: 3


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An overhead view of DM3

What is the general shape of the map?

Area One

Area Two

Area Three

Area Four

How to Play

4 on 4

Credits: ui When the game starts, press back+strafeleft. This way, if you spawn at either YA or lifts, you will have a decent shot at getting the pent (which is of course the most powerful powerup there is). If you get the pent, you have two options - if you spawned YA, go directly to the RL and stand on the spawnpoint there, hopingly you will get one or two frags that way while you're waiting for the RL to spawn. If you didn't get the YA, go for it first and then take the tele and jump from it around the corner and then to the RL. (If you can't do this jump or don't want to risk it, just use the catwalk. MAKE SURE you get there a few seconds before the next RL spawn or you risk losing it to the enemy! A third option comes to mind when you spawn ya and get the pent, and the enemy spawns rl. There is a chance he'll head for the next ya spawn, in which case you should stand on the tele exit by window, and then have your mates flood ya. Hopingly, he will then retreat through tele and end up being deflected by Satan's power! And with any luck, now we will have 150Y, RL and pent! \o/

He who spawns at RL should go for the YA if the pent guy got it (you'll know, because the mate who got the pent will report this and then he'll also report his armor status). If the pent guy didn't get it (there's a 50/50 chance) you better get away from there, so move on towards the RA and try to snatch it from whoever's holding it. In the RA room there's also 5 rockets (with another 5 right outside, next to ring) so you should be able to hold it until your mates arrive. Then STAY there and make sure at least one mate gets the RA and is able to defend it. Having RA and a simple shotgun is NOT sufficient firepower for that job!

If you spawn at SNG-Tele, quickly go through the teleporter and grab the ring, and then the quad. If you spawn at SNG-tele with a teammate, make sure one of you does not grab both the ring and the quad - this is a complete waste of the ring! It's much better that you grab the ring and try to secure the first RA - this is often quite easy, either just make a run for it and grab it as quickly as possibly, or sneak up to the top. If there's an enemy ahead of you, shoot the living shit out of him while you're moving upwards. Hopingly this will distract him enough to make him fall, in which case you should just run for it.

YA can be quite easily defended by standing halfway up the stairs. From here you can shoot along the catwalk towards the quad area, and you can also be on the watch for people coming around the corner from water. Be mindful of the spawn that is right next to the YA - safeguard it every 20 seconds (when the armor spawns) by standing inside the little box. Do not shoot at the spawn point unless you are positive no teammates just died! From YA attempts can be launched att the quad - but be mindful that the enemy might be standing at window, waiting for this to happen. You can also split up, two people can go through tele and two follow the catwalk towards the quad. This way you'll catch any eventual quad defenders in a crossfire.

When the time comes to grab the pent, you'll want to make a sweep of the entire outdoor area. An enemy could be hiding behind the wall between the water and mega. Also, people can easily hide in the lifts, popping out two seconds before the pent spawns. The optimal solution is having one or two guys standing by the window, and one waiting by the lifts. Don't linger more than absolutely necessary by the pent - you are a sitting duck caught in the open. Attempts at the pent can be made from the water - it is possible to sit just beneath the surface and then jump out seconds before the pent spawns. Protect yourself against this by shooting one or two rockets on the wall next to the steps in the water some 5 seconds before the pent spawns.

If the quad is delayed in such a way that the pent spawns some 25 seconds before the quad, it is possible to just guard the pent until a few seconds remain to the quad spawn. This way, you will have a great shot at getting maybe 20-25 seconds with both quad and pent! This is only advisable in a situation where you can ascertain the security of the pent - do NOT dwell next to it if enemies are coming and you can't fend them off!

The quad guy should strive to get control of the RA room if it's not completely bogged down with RL/RA enemies. If this is the case, all efforts should be made to seize control by flooding the room from multiple entrances. Make sure the guy who has quad isn't the first to enter the room, as the point man is likely to catch a shitload of rockets the moment he enters. A player with mega, YA, quad and LG can clear out the RA room in just a few seconds unless he dies entering it. There's plenty of manoeuvering space down on the floor and people on the catwalks are very exposed to fire.

Getting the quad is basically a matter of being there at the right time and with the right equipment. An effort should be made to get the player with the most armor and at least one decent weapon (RL or LG) to be quadrunner. If this is impossible, it's better to have an armored player with a less powerful weapon than having an unarmored guy run around with a quadded RL. Make sure you tell the quadrunner where he needs to be - stuff like "two weak enemies at YA" can mean the difference between loss and victory if the quadrunner can properly execute an attack in a timely fashion. Spending 30 seconds of quadded time running around in circles looking for someone to shoot is EXTREMELY bad. If you just don't know what to do, going to the RA is more often so than not a good idea.

There are some moves that everyone should be able to execute. Perhaps the most important of all is the rocketjump from pent to window. This can be done in a number of ways; either, take the lifts up to the first level and then do a simple rocketjump up to the window. Alternatively, shoot a grenade straight up right beneath the window, and make a rocketjump straight up when the grenade explodes. (You can easily get the timing right by jumping when the grenade touches the ground for the second time). It is an absolute necessity that everyone knows how to make this jump in one way or another, since it is important to use the precious 30 seconds of invulnerability in the best way possible.

Another fundamental jump of dm3 is the curling jump around corners above hill, from ring to quad and vice versa. I won't go into details on strafejumping and curling here, if you are unfamiliar with the different aspects of speedjumping I suggest you check out the demos that are included with the ezquake package.

More jumps that are possible and quite practical:

- from one side of the RA room to another, from one catwalk to the other - this decreases the time it takes to reach RA-top
- from SNG-ledge to SNG (jump out to the left right when you reach the top of the stairs, and aim for the little ledge protruding from the boxes) - this way you can beat an enemy to the SNG, or possibly even kill him coming from an unexpected angle
- from bridge-high to rl-window (a quick way to get the RL) - if you need an extra boost, jump down the stairs from window, jump at the bottom of the stairs and curl around the corner
- from the water beneath rl-window up to the rl-window. this one takes practice; what you need to do is the following:
be right beneath the window, submerged a bit
aim straight down, turned away from the window. this way you'll stick close to the wall
press +back and +jump so you start ascending quickly
EXACTLY when you break the surface, turn around 180 degrees, and fire a rocket into the wall right beneath you!
When properly executed, this will land you on the ledge of the rl-window, and you will have a decent shot at anyone camping there. Or you'll just end up with a grenade up your ass, but hey, that's life...

Some other tricks: - It is possible to actually float around in the water and shoot LG without getting discharged. If you keep +jump pressed in and move about without ever looking down, you'll be safe (but there is still a risk that someone will shoot you, which might send you back and down, which will burn your ass)
- Discharging the enemy quad is always fun.
- When you're waiting for the quad, send a couple of grenades around the corner towards window. This will protect you from any nasty surprises. Also, consider shooting rockets at RA-entry, since any enemies coming from there are likely to be stacked.
- Generally when fighting above hill (quad and ring areas), deter enemies by jumping across to the other side and then spray the route you just took with nails. If he tries to follow you, he'll get hit by nails which will slow him enough to make him fall down.
- Stand beneath the hole in the ceiling at sng-ledge. Here you can get the occasional spawnkill. Just make sure you're not shooting at your friend. Also, you can clear out most of the lifts by lobbing grenades up here in the right angle.
- Stand "behind" the tele at window and wait for someone to pop out of it. When they do, they will be facing the water and you can get a free shot with the lg, sng or ssg. If you have quad, for the love of God do NOT shoot some kind of explosives here!
- When defending RA, shoot grenades randomly into the different entrances to the room. By standing on the ledge right beneath the RA platform, you can place grenades very close to the tele exit.
- It's possible to reach the topmost level of the RA catwalks with a rocketjump from the ledge at ra-entry. With proper training it's not even hard to fit in the space between the catwalk and the wall. With some more training, you can make the jump all the way up to RA by shooting a second rocket into the wall on your way up.
- Play hide-and-seek in the RA room if you have the ring. I've seen three armored enemies taken out by one player with ring and GL, just by jumping around randomly and shooting along the catwalks!

Clan Arena

Probably the best CA map ever made.

Free for All

Good map for FFA as well.

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