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Nations Quake Rank 8 was one of the worst season concerning activity. There were six divisions, three to six were split up in half. Division one started out with twelve teams and ended with only seven. The playoff structure was adapted to that, of the clans that finished the season only Flag nl.gif Insanity missed out the playoffs. Even before the season started Flag se.gif Tribe of Tjernobyl dropped and they were later followed by Flag eu.gif Slackers, Flag se.gif Lege Artis, Flag se.gif Campbusters and Flag pl.gif Hard Guns Crew. The top two teams, Flag se.gif Fragomatic and Flag se.gif Griffins Tappra Gossar, got a bye into the semifinals of the playoffs.



Team #1 Result Team #2
Antiquad Flag fi.gif 2 - 1 Flag fi.gif Clan MalFunction
KOFF Flag fi.gif 2 - 1 Flag nl.gif Firing Squad


Team #1 Result Team #2
Antiquad Flag eu.gif W - O Flag eu.gif Griffins Tappra Gossar
Fragomatic Flag se.gif 3 - 0 Flag fi.gif KOFF


Team #1 Result Team #2
Fragomatic Flag se.gif 3 - 0 Flag fi.gif Antiquad

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