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Started playing QW somewhere around 1996 on Dutch servers like xs4all and utwente. After some time solo being a regular on top of the ffa servers got recruited by .void. who later on merged into Lords of Darkness. He didn't want to follow through with the merger to LoD so was recruited by Krazy to join Firing Squad. At that time Krazy Organized a LAN in Friesland called the FFF (Friese Frag Festien) where ChRy0 played his first LAN tournament amongst legends like Zandaa-jii, Dyna and many others.

Because Firing Squad wasn't very active at the time, and the FFA competition in NL wasn't that competitive he started playing on some German servers where the skill cap was much higher and some of the best players in Europe where playing. Soon after that he got recruited by Das Kartell and joined the German QW Competition with big clans like Schroet Kommando

  • Real name: Marco
  • Born: 02-06-1981
  • Nationality: Flag nl.gif Dutch
  • Current clan: Inactive

Clan history


1999 - Runner up HCC Quake III FFA Tournament


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