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Taken from Methos Quake

  • For the first time in almost 5 years, neither Quake, QW, Quake2 or Q3A is the top on-line game. On Feb 12, 2001, the Half-Life add-on called Counter-Strike is the number 1 on-line game. It's popularity will continue to grow
  • CPL announces on Mar 14th, 2000, that they will be dropping Quake 3: Arena as the official game in their USA tournaments in favor of the Half-Life add-on Counter-Strike. In the USA, many players take this as a sign that Q3A has had it's day in the sun
  • Richard "Hoony" Sandlant from Challenge-World releases first public QW demo with voice commentary on June 14th, 2001. It's done very well and something that could have been done years ago
  • Quake 3: Arena v1.29 released on June 18th, 2001. As well as a bunch of bug fixes, It also includes some nice Pro maps and a new network compression code that will probably be around for a few years to come
  • Quake celebrates it's 5th birthday on June 22, 2001
  • On June 28th - July 1st, 2001, Quakeworld will be the game of choice at the CPL's 4th anniversary event. Although most of the top QW players have gone on to other games, the competition should be very good with players like Paul "cK-czm" Nelson, Timothy "C3" Cowan and many others