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samek, sammy
Bartosz Rak
February 19, 1982 (1982-02-19) (age 41)
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Bartosz "Samon" Rak discovered QuakeWorld in 1999 thanks to Skvar. Initially he played QW, Quake 2 and Quake 3 mainly with bots and with friends on LAN. Samon started playing QuakeWorld online around 2006 and at that time he participated in his first online tournament - Duelmania Reloaded 1. The same year he joined the newly formed team The Pimps with whom he played several seasons in the NQR and EQL. In 2009 he joined the Magnum team, with which he played a few seasons of EQL and Clanwarz. From 2011 to 2018, he had a fairly long break from playing QuakeWorld regularly. He returned to active playing in 2018 thanks to Chmielu who persuaded him to participate in several 2on2 tournaments. He still plays Quakeworld regularly to this day. In 2021 and 2022, together with Tom, he was the organizer of the Polish Duel Championship Season 1 and 2.


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2022 A77th Polish Duel Championship 2 1on1
2021 B111th Polish Duel Championship 1on1
2021 A33rd QuakeWorld Duel League Season 1 Division 2 1on1
2021 A44th Hammer Time Season 3 Division Advanced 1on1
2021 A55th GetQuad! Draft 5 Division 2 4on4 Poland Samon's Gurken
2021 A44th GetQuad! Kenya Invitational 2 4on4 Poland Thugs
2020 A22nd Thunderdome Season 14 Division Regular High 1on1
2020 A33rd GetQuad! Draft 3 Division 2 4on4 Poland Thugs
2020 A66th Time 2 Hammer Season 2 Division Professional 2on2 Poland chmielu
2019 A66th Time 2 Hammer Season 1 Division Veteran 2on2 Poland chmielu
2018 A22nd Get2gether Division 2 Gold 2on2 Poland chmielu
2010 A44th EQL Season 12 Division 2 4on4 Poland Magnum
2010 A11st ClanWarz Poland Cup of the Jedi 4on4 Poland Magnum
2009 A44th EQL Season 10 Division 3 4on4 Poland Magnum
2008 A22nd QuakeWorld Duel League Season 1 Division 11 Advanced 1on1
2006 A11st EQL Season 4 Division 5 4on4 Poland The Pimps
2006 A33rd EQL Season 3 Division 5 4on4 Poland The Pimps
2006 A66th NQR Season 9 Bronze Cup Premier 4on4 Poland The Pimps