Time 2 Hammer Season 2

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[e][h]Time 2 Hammer Season 2
League Information
Great Britain RaggA, Poland Lolek, Poland m0k0, Canada Viag, France Hemostick
Group Stage
Single-Elimination Bracket
Prize pool:
Fame & Glory
Start Date:
End Date:
 Sweden NME
dm2 • dm4 • dm6 • aerowalk • ztndm3 • bravado • shifter


TIME2HAMMER is semi-professional QuakeWorld 2on2 league founded by Portugal hammer in 2019.
European players of all skill levels will be able to participate, however, non-European players are free to sign up as long as they play their matches in Europe with the lowest pings possible.

TIME2HAMMER joins all players together with an extensive map pool and each year a new map is selected.
Each player is assigned to one of several groups: Veteran, Professional, Advanced, Improved, Regular, Seasonal or Rookie.
The league is based on the Round Robin system in which each team will play against every other participant in their group.
Each week, each pair of players within the league will play 6 matches in one-on-one format.
This means that the spectators will have a huge spectacle in the form of many matches played within a few months!
After completing all matches, the score will be calculated, which will be influenced not only by the number of wins of each team, but also by the differences in frags or possibly walkovers.

After the Round-Robin group stage, brackets with single elimination takes place in one single evening, called T2H Challenge Cup.
This will happen on the 29th of November from 19:00 CET to 23:00 CET, following an awards ceremony on stream.
Visit the league official website https://hammer-time.quake1.pl/ and/or join the official discord server.


  • Timelimit 10 minutes.
  • Overtime 3 minutes.
  • DMM3.
  • No powerups.
  • Discharges on.
  • No fairpacks.
  • Ktpro spawns (unless both players agree on a different mode).
  • sv_maxfps 77.
  • No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.
  • Fallbunny on (unless both players agree play with off).
  • Spectators are allowed by default but if ONE player DOESN’T AGREE then MUST BE changed to NO SPECTATORS. (this is to avoid "ghosting" by players)
  • Each team PICKS 2 maps and all 4 must be played.
  • One round each week from each group.
  • Pings must be equal.
  • Dm6 powerups ON

Map Pool

dm2 dm4 dm6 aerowalk ztndm3 bravado shifter
Dm2 Dm4 Dm6 Aerowalk Ztndm3 Bravado Shifter


The following 96 players and 39 teams signed up.

United States Dexy Europe Neopite Portugal nitemare France Tet
United Kingdom Nautilus Germany rghst Europe ocoini Finland kip
Czech Republic fl4m3r Russia yurik Poland glinski Europe Wimenez
Canada Blood_dog Russia girgelezobeton Poland Er United States BogoJoker
Portugal bgnr Europe jokke United Kingdom spliffy France kenzu
Denmark Memo Sweden IgggY Europe t0illette Finland Mulzie
Europe xCape Europe balomat Russia quake Sweden goblin
Sweden Medic Sweden conan Sweden LocKtar Poland Szkodnix
Europe Ok98 Finland PernanMaistaja United States Communist.Bear Sweden SplasH
Poland Sven Quakesson Sweden fgh United Kingdom lordlame Europe Grc
Poland lolek Europe praskOo United States serp Norway empire
Canada viag United States Nico Sweden hlw- Poland samon
Poland Chmielu Sweden xero France Klice Sweden tumult
Sweden bps Europe lowr Norway baresi Portugal hammer
United Kingdom RaggA Germany Sphere Poland m0k0 France bleader
Finland LuGia France Bernkaoch TBD Nidweyr France hemostx
Russia petska Poland -insane- Sweden raket Sweden locust
United States nTr Sweden z0mbie90 Russia multibear Sweden Lurq
United Kingdom Grenja Norway Macisum Finland us3 United Kingdom DOG_SACRIFICE
Sweden skurk United Kingdom Turbo Portugal ztranger Germany eb
Norway nigve United Kingdom Doomie Europe void Poland zorro
Europe divine Canada furbison United Kingdom Elgu Poland tom
Poland goniec Russia random Norway STALKERRH Germany dago
United Kingdom sae Russia BillyTheKid Russia Evil Sweden Shaka

Prize pool


Place Winner
1st Sweden AeronautS
2nd Norway Trygvum
3rd Europe DM Riders
4th Europe Hell Express


Place Winner
1st Poland Hard Guns Crew
2nd Sweden N M E
3rd Poland Demolition Crew
4th Europe forgotten


Place Winner
1st United States Great Old Ones (GOO)
2nd Europe DrunkTrainDriver
3rd Europe Svorge
4th France Tiens voilà du boudin - tvb


Place Winner
1st Russia evil bears
2nd Europe qw on pilalla
3rd Poland Quad sQuad
4th United Kingdom m000

Challenge Cup



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