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[e][h]HAMMER TIME QuakeWorld Events
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HAMMER-TIME QUAKEWORLD EVENTS is an Online QuakeWorld organization that creates semi-professional competition games.
Was founded by Portugal hammer in 2018 and runs all sort of events such as leagues, tournaments, one day events, etc.

HT-QWE has it's own discord server setup and organized to the tiniest detail in order to deliver to their administrators, players and guests a detailed and easy access information.
Also, all information regarding current and previous events are displayed at the official website .

HAMMER-TIME joins all players together with an extensive map pool and always gives a chance for new maps to be played.
The main objective is to bring new players to QuakeWorld, more activity in the servers and discord community.
The improvement of every player is crucial to keep up the motivation and longevity in the servers that's why there is always much thought, research and study when planning a new event so players can have as much extreme competition as possible.
HAMMER-TIME QUAKEWORLD EVENTS main structure is formed by the following members:

Founder and Head Admin

Co-Founder and Head Admin

Head admin and never ending coder


Season Date Gold.png Winner
Hammer Time Season 1 2019-01-06 Sweden bps
Time 2 Hammer Season 1 2019-10-06 Sweden AeronautSbps, locust
Hammer Time Season 2 2020-01-05 Russia Dot (Russian Player)
Time 2 Hammer Season 2 2020-09-13 Sweden AeronautSbps, locust
Hammer Time Season 3 2021-01-03 France Speedball
Time 2 Hammer Season 3 2022-01-09 Finland The Terminator PredatorsMilton, Henu
Time 2 Hammer Season 4 2023-01-08 Sweden & Finland Poisonous and VenomousMilton, Mazer

Hall of Fame

  • Scotland meag - Always helping!
  • Canada Viag - Helping with graphics, logos and images.
  • France hemostick - Helping with streams and some.
  • Germany Dopeskillz - Helping with brackets and teams order.
  • Russia Wakecold - Helping with discord bot and server browser.
  • Poland m0k0 - Helping with calendar and team preparation.
  • Germany Annihilator - Helping with graphics, logos and images.


Saved Streams