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Player Information
August 26, 1977 (1977-08-26) (age 46)
2003 - now
1999 - 2003


Admin of German QuakeWorld Scene, Ownage and Ignition.

With an age of twelve (1989) I got my first PC and went through all the PC gaming titles at that time until today. I spent more than a decade with the Quake Series, where Quakeworld captured me the most. As a compensation to fast games, I also like to play relaxed games like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile.

I`m not a pro gamer, I die a lot and I stream for fun.


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2023 A11st Qlan War Tournament 3 Div 2 4on4 Europe Division Ninety Nine
2022 A22nd QW LAN Party Poland 2022 4on4 Poland shamoth badsebi k4t Mousepad
2020 A55 - 8th DM6 Duel Tournament Div 2 1on1
2019 A22nd QHLAN2019 4on4 Canada BLooD DoGs Boners
2019 Z? QHLAN2019 1on1
2019 Z? QHLAN2019 Silver 2on2 Germany Muschimagneten
2019 A88th HAMMER TIME! Quake Duel League Div 3 1on1
2018 A44th Thunderdome Season 10 Div 3 1on1
2018 A55th SundaySpawnfraggin18 4on4 Germany Smack that Ass
2018 A11st QW2018Teamleague Div 2 bronze 4on4 Europe Div99
2016 A99 - 12th Thunderdome Season 7 Div 4 1on1
2012 A55 - 6th Thunderdome Season 1 Div 4 1on1
2007 A11st [[Frag of the week]] 1on1
2005 A11st NQR Season 8 Div 5 4on4 Germany Smack that Ass


Quakeworld Race Mod
Year Mode Map Name
2011 race race1 Pillar
2011 race race2 Waste Warehouse
2011 race race3 The Cube
2011 race race4 Curve Control
2011 race race5 Spin Cycle
2011 race race6 The Tube
2011 race race7 Upslider
2011 race race8 Canyon Run
2012 race race9 Forgotten Path
2012 race race10 Place of Death
2016 race race11 Slider
2017 race race12 Just In Time
2018 race race13 Nuclear Reactor
2019 race race14 Downhill
2020 race race15 Abandoned Place
2021 race race16 Sewerage
2021 race race17_sdcup Anubis In Hurry
2022 race race18 Power Plant
2023 race race19 Long time Ago
Quakeworld Deathmatch
Year Mode Map Name
2010 4on4 q1anni-beta6 Lava Station
2018 4on4 an1-beta6 An1-beta6
2019 DMM4 anruin Ruin
2019 DMM4 antemple Temple
2019 DMM4 anarena Arena
2021 4on4 anwalk Walk in the Park
2021 FFA hottub HotTub
2022 2on2 analog Analog
2023 4on4 anfactory Anfactory Beta 1
2024 4on4 anwalk2 Mediviel City
2024 DMM4 anarena2 Anarena 2
2024 DMM4 anarena3 Anarena 3
2024 DMM4 anarena4 Anarena 4
2024 DMM4 anarena5 Anarena 5




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