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Player Information
PainMachine, Subdiver, Final
May 29, 1983 (1983-05-29) (age 40)
 11    0  
Map 1on1:
Map 2on2:
Map 4on4:
First spawned:
Years Active (Player):
2021 — Present
1997 — 2005

Final Exit (Final) started his Quake-adventure in 1997 playing QuakeWorld and Quake2 under the nickname 'PainMachine' , then ' Subdiver ', before eventually settling for his forever nickname Final Exit. During the first 1-2 years of playing QW, Final spent many hours in front of the computer grinding together with his good friend Sweden Mattias (Umbrella Frisk/Friskfrosk/Occido7) from northern Sweden who had traded his snowmobile for a PC to play Quake on. Sweden Y-King of Clan Dunno was the mentor of both Mattias and Final.

Final organised and attended multiple lans around the millennium; QHLAN, S-LAN, Dreamhack, Storviks Lan, etc. together with other QW players from the Sandviken region - including Sweden Janozh, Sweden Nikke, Sweden The Interceptor, Sweden Sphere, Sweden Greedo, Sweden Interface and Sweden Rigor Mortis.

Final stopped playing QW in 2005 when he moved abroad for work. He later returned to his beloved game in the beginning of 2021 and is still active as of 2023.

Clan history


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2024 A11st EQL cup 2 Div2 4on4 Europe RetroRockets
2023 A11st D99TenYearDraft 4on4 Europe Milton's Unholy Horde of Chaos and Darkness
2023 A33 - 4th Qenya War Tournament 2 4on4 Sweden Exit
2022 A11st Kombat 2on2 4 Div3 2on2 Hungary Neophyte
2021 A33rd GetQuad! Draft 5 Div3 4on4 Sweden Djevulsk's Ravers
2021 A33rd GetQuad! Kenya Invitational 2 4on4 Europe Cocks
2004 A99th NQR Season 6 Gold Cup 4on4 Poland Hard Guns Crew
2004 A22nd QHLAN 6 B-playoff 4on4 Norway The Axe Men
2003 A33 - 4th QHLAN 5 4on4 Sweden In Bloom
2003 A99 - 16th NQR Season 3 Div1 4on4 Sweden In Bloom
2002 A99 - 16th NQR Season 2 Div1 4on4 Sweden Clan C6


Got his nickname from Umeå Hardcore/Punkrock band with the same name.