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Flocutus, also known as floc, started playing Quake with null modem, in offline bot contests and on private and later public lans. He got a first glimpse of decent playing at the Swisscon 97 final, where Schroet Kommando took the title with topnotch teamplay. Once he got a decent connection, he found his way to the Imperial Bounty Hunterz and later became their clanleader. He also had his own column at challenge-de.

When Unreal Tournament 99 was released, he took the challenge of a new game. But despite his international success in UT he always deemed Quakeworld superior and never stopped playing QW until he completely retired from gaming.


  • Real name: Florian Blümm
  • Date of birth: 12 18, 1979
  • Also known as: floc
  • Nationality: Flag de.gif German
  • First spawned: 1996
  • Colors:   4    12 
  • Map: dm6

Clan history



Luck is a skill (c) by headhunter


Author of the "Ultimate Quake Cheating page" (disbanded), a listing of common "cheats" in the old days before proxies came up. This included bright skins, red line shaft models, no smoke rocket models and such.

Other games

Started a successful career in Unreal Tournament and wrote the "UT Bible".

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