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Short lived clan that participated in SD EU Season 5 Group B which also featured Slackers, The Forsakens and TRASH. Group B had a strange outcome with Fraggers United playing TRASH and The Forsakens on the last day, and winning of both! VM would’ve made the playoffs because they won more games then FU did, but VM couldn’t come up with two screenshots of their match with Gods of Hellfire, so they didn’t make it as Apollyon didn’t except the screenshots after the deadline, completely according the rules. In case they would have submitted the screenshots in time they would've faced Clan MalFunction in the first round of the playoffs.

Flowie and Flocutus came from Imperial Bounty Hunterz, Venture and Jogi from Empire of Azeroth added up with a new star Spoink who played in Porn before.



Former members