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Player Information
ohlsson, Trunks
André Nankran
November 19, 1987 (1987-11-19) (age 36)
First spawned:
1999 – 1999
2001 – 2002

Oldschool player from Brazil. Started playing in a FFA server hosted in his city. Unfortunately his city comrades quitted before 2000, and the server pretty much died.

Then he found a new home in the legendary FFA server STI. Unfortunately, with a 36 kpbs dial up connection, his ping was beyond bad, so he constantly went inactive.

Later his interest in 4on4 increase and became his favorite mode. Then he created his old clan Black Killers, in which a decent squad was formed.

Around 2002 his terrible ping beated him for good, and he decided to close BK and quit Quakeworld. Then he moved fulltime to StarCraft, where he was being more successful.

He got back in early 2019, and fell in love for the community for its support to open source and do it yourself ethics. Since then, he has been involved in community projects to keep the game alive, like GetQuad! Draft and within the brazilian community.


Is a software developer, vegetarian since 2008, and was part of the punk rock scene for many years (curently on a break).