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Format and rules

  • The tournament consists of three divisions - round robin structure for each with the top 4 in each division qualifying for semi-final playoffs.
  • Squad and Team difference:
    • A Squad is three teams: Divided into a division 1 team, a division 2 team and a division 3 team.
    • A Division 1 team has four players
    • A Division 2 team has four players.
    • A Division 3 team has five or six players.
  • Each team plays each other once in a best-of-three in standard league play.

- We will evaluate midterm together with the squads if we are having each team play each other twice. ("Another go around")

  • Points are awarded based on match wins, 1 point per match win.

  • If teams are equal in the table on match wins:

Then map difference + - (net maps) will separate the teams.
-If teams still can not be separated:
Then positions will be decided based upon their internal fight.
-If 3 or more teams are still equal and they have all beaten each other:
Then the map difference + - in those internal fights will decide.
If still equal:
-The frag difference in those internal fights decide.
If that is also equal:
-Then the total frag difference of all games decide.

  • All divisions will have playoffs - with best of five structure.

Map pool and picking process

Both Divisions

dm2 dm3 e1m2
Dm2 Dm3 e1m2

BO3: Standard play
Any map in the pool may be played at any time if both teams agree in BO3.

  • Five map pool selection process:

First to 2-1 wins.

- Select first map picker team using: "/cmd rnd team team" - winner picks first.

  • At 1-1 score - the final un-played map from the pool is played.

BO5: Playoffs
The bo3 rule: "Any map from pool on agreement" is not in effect in bo5. Every map can be played once.
First to 3 map wins

  • All maps must be played once in the first 3 maps. Coin toss to decide who picks first. After two games, the remaining tb3 map is played.
  • If the match is not won after 3 maps have been played, whichever team is 2-1 down picks the next map.
  • If the match goes to 5 maps, the other team picks the last map. They cannot repeat the last map without agreement from the opposing team captain.

Playoff participation is based on Group Stage rank: The top 4 teams in each division will qualify for the semifinals.

Team Restrictions / Use of Squad players / Stand-ins

  • None of the Division 1 players can stand-in for a game in another division.
  • All of the division 2/3 players can stand in for any division 1 player as long as they belong to the same squad.
  • Replacement of players in a squad can occur when a player in a squad no longer is able to participate.
    • The person replacing the squad member has to be approved by admins.
  • Standins are dynamic and can play for several teams.
    • Any stand-in for any game has to be approved by the admins.
    • The stand-in pool consist of late signers, that missed the deadline or people can volunteer to be placed on it.
    • Admins will always attempt to ensure that the stand-in is suitable as a replacement
  • Admins will not force a stand-in on a team.
    • With the exception that if a game fails to be played after several attempts - an attempt will be made to have both teams use a lower division player from their squad.

Timeframe / Schedule rules

  • All matches will have a deadline and teams should be active in communicating with each other and schedule their games.

- This communication has to be done in the divisions scheduling channel.
- Once a match has an agreed upon time - this needs to typed into the #schedule channel.

  • Each match typically has a one week window in which it can be played, although this may vary on occaison

- The EXACT schedule for each division will be published on the GetQuad Wiki.

  • If a team is idling or deemed by the admins to not be making an effort to produce the game it will be considered as if the offending team forfeits the match, and a Walk Over (WO) shall be awarded to the opposition.
  • A Walkover will result in victory to the beneficiary, and 0 points to the offending team.


  • The primary driver for server selection is to find a server where the teams have similar average pings (+/- 2ms) and to minimise that average.
  • The pings should be the most even for the 2 teams and measures like cl_delay_packet or proxy rerouting to balance pings should be employed. A team with a higher average ping than their opponent on a given server may request the opponent to do this (or change server to somewhere with lower average ping).
  • Matches must be played on the servers of the continent where the competition is being held.
  • The maximum min-ping that can be required is 52ms. This may occasionally mean matches played with uneven pings where one team has high pinging players e.g. NA players on EU server.
  • This process applies for every map played. Where lineup changes are made between maps it may become necessary to switch servers or adjust pings at the request of either team to rebalance pings.
  • Servers that are providing significant packetloss that cannot be avoided by proxy rerouting should generally be avoided unless both teams agree to play there.
  • If players still can't agree on a server, please contact admins about it. Admin decision is final and refusal to play on a server designated by neutral admins will be considered a WalkOver loss.

Server Settings

  • Timelimit: 20 minutes
  • Overtime: 5 minutes if match is a draw
  • Deathmatch mode: 1
  • Teamplay mode: 2
  • Spawn mode: KTX2 Respawns
  • Powerups: ON
  • Discharge: ON
  • KFjump: Toggled OFF (command = tkfjump)
  • Airstep: OFF
  • Jawnmode: OFF
  • Antilag (or equivalent): ON (unless both teams agree to play without it.)
  • Fallbunny: ON (if server allows)
  • No berzerk, midair, instagib or other unusual modes.
  • If a team requests nospecs-mode, the other team is obliged to comply.

These should be the basic 4on4 settings on all modern servers, but make sure to check if you are unsure.

Match Reporting

  • The team that wins the match should report the match.

- Reporting of the match is done through the GetQuad discord channel #reports

  • In order for a match to be valid you'll need to have screenshots from each played map and preferably MVD demos

Allowed clients

  • You play with pre-releases, alpha and beta versions at your own and your teams risk - crashing mid game or otherwise being unable to play if you are playing on one of these: Is not a valid excuse for anything.

Allowed rulesets

  • ezQuake: smackdown, qcon
  • Players should do f_ruleset checks before game start. It is ultimately the responsibility of the players to perform this check, and in general, matches played with outlying rulesets will not be overturned if the players neglected to perform this duty. Where there is ambiguity, the decision will be decided by the Admins.

Allowed proxies

  • QWfwd
  • Qizmo 2.91

Using disallowed clients/proxies might lead to points deduction or even a WO.

Scripting and cheats

  • cl_fakeshaft (only mentioned here as it used to be forbidden)
NOT allowed
  • movement scripts (ezquake: cl_idrive must be OFF)
  • kfjump
  • custom rocket jump scripts
  • Any other kind of movement scripts
  • Teamoverlay
  • Automated teamsays
  • Radar
  • Skin changing depending on health/armour/weapon
  • Custom models not allowed by f_modified
  • Any kind of cheat (wallhack, aimbot, timers etc.)
  • Hacked clients
  • Coaching, (timing quad and other items, relaying enemy positions and giving teamplay suggestions)
  • Different individual enemy skins

Failure to follow these restrictions can result in the player or team receiving harsh penalties such as, but not limited to:

  • points deduction
  • WO
  • player disqualification
  • team disqualification
  • permanent ban.

Warnings and disqualification

  • Two warnings will result in disqualification

To retain order in the league and prevent teams from cheating effectively we may issue warnings to teams if they misbehave in some way.

Other offences
  • Having one or several players intentionally drop from server during a game without replacing them
  • Playing in more than one team, or playing under someone else's name in another team (mercing). Standins are an exception.
  • Fakenicking to get into a division where you don't belong
  • Griefing, flaming and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Most of these cases could result in direct disqualification of the player (and in some cases the whole team) and a ban of at least 1 season.

Server problems

  • The current map should be played to the end, no matter the servers condition
  • In case of a disconnected player, teams should pause the game, by team captain asking admin status, all players should concede it fast and elected admin player should type ""pause"". Teams should wait maximum 10 minutes for the player, after that if the player is not back into the server, game must resume.

This procedure exists to help a player/team that encountered a problem, but is not to be abused, which in that case will be analyzed by the admins.

  • Admins will decide if a map should be replayed on another server
  • If a server gives 2 or more spikes that result in 100% packet loss for all players for more that 10 seconds, the map should be replayed on another server if the teams do not agree to the score/situation.


The admins are there to help you, so if you ever need our assistance or have any questions, you can find us in the GetQuake discord server. Admins can change/fix rules if problems occur.

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Prize Money

  • Eligibility: To be eligible to receive prize money, a player must have played a minimum of 25% of maps that their team has played. For example, in a team that played 17 maps a player would need to have played a minimum of 5 maps to receive prize money.
  • Prize Distribution: In most cases only four players on a team will be eligible for prize money. In this scenario, prize money is divided equally between these four players. For example, a team winning $800 would mean $200 prize money for each player.

If more than 4 players have played 25%+ of maps, the prize money will be distributed based on the proportion of maps won that each player participated in. For example:
Player A played 14 of 14 maps won
Player B played 14 of 14 maps won
Player C played 14 of 14 maps won
Player D played 7 of 14 maps won
Player E played 7 of 14 maps won.
With a prize of $800, players A, B and C would each receive $200. Players D and E would receive $100 each.

Disclaimer: Prize money is to be distributed at the discretion of the admins and is not guaranteed for example if technical difficulties are encountered liquidating/assigning the funds, or if unsportsmanlike behaviour is exhibited by a prize winner.