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  • Real name: Denis
  • Date of birth: 1978
  • Also known as: Murk
  • Nationality: Flag ru.gif Russian
  • Current clan: Flag eu.gif Hell Xpress
  • Colors:  13    2  
  • Map: all

Clan history


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2023 A99th Qlan War Tournament 5 div1 4on4 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2023 A22nd Qlan War Tournament 4 div1 4on4 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2023 A44th Kombat Duel 5 div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2022 A11st Kombat Summer Duel 2 div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2022 A22nd Qenya War Tournament 1 div1 4on4 Russia USSR
2022 A33rd Qlan War Tournament 2 div1 4on4 Russia USSR
2021 A22nd GetQuad! Draft 4 div1 4on4 Russia The Enforcers
2021 A22nd Kombat Duel 2 Thursday div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2021 A11st Kombat Duel 2 Monday div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2021 A11st Hammer Time Season 3 Challenge Cup 1on1 Russia TBD
2021 A33rd Hammer Time Season 3 div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2021 A22nd GetQuad! Draft 5 div1 4on4 Finland Milton's Mutants
2021 A33 - 4th Kombat div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2020 A33rd GetQuad! Nations Cup div1 4on4 Russia Russia
2010 A55 - 6th Ownage 3 div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2009 A77 - 8th Ownage 2 div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2009 A22nd RQWL div1 1on1 Russia TBD
2008 A11st EQL Season 6 div1 4on4 Russia NoPasaran!
2007 A33rd RQWL div1 1on1 Russia TBD


  • ":D"
  • "I bought my girlfriend a laptop so I can play QW in peace"

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