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Portugal Rebellion of Thunder
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Rebellion Of Thunder is a Portuguese Quake World Clan founded by it's fearless leader Portugal Ztranger back in 1998. ROT was simply the best Quake World team in Portugal, everyone wanted to join. The Rebellion have always considered themselves not just a Quake World team but a group of friends that like to play together this fantastic game.
Simply two "rules" were and still are applied:

  1. All team members had to agree for a new member to join.
  2. Once ROT always ROT ! Loyalty to the teammates and the clan above all and once that loyalty broken there was no turning back.

The team was filled with skilled players and friends; Portugal Ztranger, Portugal Ved, Sweden Conan, Portugal Hammer, Portugal Nitemare, Portugal Orc, Portugal Norules, etc. Back then internet connections in Madeira Island were terrible, way worse than nowadays. High pings on European servers made almost impossible to take ROT to another level. The team felt obligated to add European players so they could have a chance outside Portugal. Names like Netherlands Hedfuk, Germany Dopeskillz, Netherlands Wimpeeh, Spain Pericles, Northern Ireland Spliffy, Sweden Macavity, Denmark Vanquish, Northern Ireland Swoop, Belgium Cruelty, Poland Cpe and Finland Afax joined. Years later the main structure of the team (Ztranger, Ved and Hammer) left Quake World and the Clan just started to break down.

Portugal Nitemare still kept on going for a couple more years but without luck, and it eventually died. In 2018, Portugal Hammer returned and with alot of dedication took over the Clan, together with Portugal Mushi they started to put the team together again. All the active old school ROT players are back and also a couple more skilled friends, Poland er and Ireland John_Rambo, joined. The Clan is now active and ready to face any opponents that come in it's way. Long Live The Rebellion!


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