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Player Information
Dragon, Hunter, Storm, Sturm, Szturman
Tele protector
  0     4  
Map 2on2:
Map 4on4:
First spawned:
1996 - since the beginning of Q1
Active again since 12.2022
Years Active (Player):
1996-2005, 2011, 2013, 2015-2017, 2022/2023-now

Szturm (since 2011). Before that known as: Dragon (1997-2000), Storm and Sturm (2000-2005)


  • Polish QuakeWorld player. One of the first Warsaw Quake players.
  • Always focusing on teamplay games.
  • Favourite Map in 2on2: Dm2
  • Favourite Map in 4on4: Dm2
  • Known from securing 'tele' on Dm2
  • Liked 'Clana Arena' played in 4on4 on DM3


  • Break from all QW related stuff from 2005.
  • Few short comebacks in : 2011, 2013 and longer episode in 2015-2017,
  • Last comeback 12.2022 .


  • NOW: Active!


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2024 X? EQL cup 3 div2 4on4 Poland Goodfellas
2024 A33rd EQL cup 2 div2 4on4 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2024 A55 - 8th QHLAN2024 4on4 Europe Last Minuteers
2023 A33rd Qlan War Tournament 5 4on4 Poland Let's Dance
2023 A55th D99TenYearDraft 4on4 Europe EVIL FORCES OF IRON
2023 A22nd Qlan War Tournament 4 4on4 Poland Greg Ogrody
2023 A11st QuakeWorld MIX League 4on4 Europe Pink Panthers
2023 A33rd Qlan War Tournament 3 4on4 Poland BadBoys 4 Life
2003 A33rd NQR Season 5 4on4 Poland Hell Patrol
2000 A33rd Rybnik Tournament Finals 1on1 Poland TBD Sound Blaster

Highest stats from official games:


Clan history

Hardware information


Mouse settings
Mouse DPI In-game sens. Inv. mouse? Accel. Mousepad
Ninjutso Katana Superlight (60gr) 3600 0.8 no 0 Artisan Hien (X-soft)
  • Before using: MX510,MX518,G400s,G500s, G700s (191gr), 2022.12-2023.01 G Pro X Superlight.


Quotes & Copyrights


  • "He zasadzka himself"
  • "One rocket to rule them all!"

(when 1 rocket killed all enemys)

  • "Nie wierze! Macler pilnuje tele! Piekło zamarzło!"

(I can't believe! Macler is guarding tele! Hell has frozen!)