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Portugal Rebellion of Thunder
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October 1997
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Rebellion Of Thunder, aka ROT, is a Portuguese clan from Madeira Island.
Founded in October 1997 by its fearless leader Ztranger and co-founded by ReWoP and Lord_n, the clan was the elite of the Portuguese QuakeWorld scene, defeating any opponents that would stand between them and the crown.
The team was originally formed by Ztranger, ReWoP, Lord_n and M4sT3r.
On April 9th, 1999, the clan was registered in IRC #PTnet.
Players rarely played outside local servers until 1999, when ISDN/Cable arrived, so the community has always been turned to itself.
ROT biggest rival was Team Defs, which was never able to dethrone The Rebellion.
High pings were a big issue for Portuguese players, so from 2003 forward, in order to be able to participate in European tournaments with better pings, the team added international players.
The clan participated in a few international events but mainly Portuguese ones, until it dies in 2008.
Hammer returning to Quakeworld in 2018 brings the clan back to life and a new journey begins.


Former Members

Stand in's

Achievements 4on4

Year Place Event
2024 A33rd EQL cup 2 div2
2023 A44th EQL cup div2
2023 A88th Qlan War Tournament 5 div1
2023 A22nd Qlan War Tournament 4 div1
2022 A44th Qlan War Tournament 3 div1
2022 A44th Qenya War Tournament 1 div1
2022 A55th Qlan War Tournament 2 div2
2022 A11st Qlan War Tournament 1 div3
2018 A33rd Sunday Spawnfraggin 18
2007 A33rd EQL Season 4 div3
2006 A55th EQL Season 2 div4
2005 A11st NQR Season 8 div6
2005 A22nd EQL Season 1 div5

Achievements 2on2

Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2023 A33rd Time 2 Hammer Season 4 div1 2on2 Europe DM Riders
2022 A55 - 6th Kombat 2on2 4 2on2 Portugal Marqueses de Montanelas
2022 A22nd Kombat 2on2on2 2on2 Europe DM Riders
2022 A33rd Time 2 Hammer Season 3 div1 2on2 Europe DM Riders
2021 A22nd eeNternal Fights 2on2 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2020 A33rd Time 2 Hammer Season 2 div1 2on2 Europe DM Riders
2019 A33rd Get2GetherSE div2 2on2 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder
2019 A11st Time 2 Hammer Season 1 div2 2on2 Portugal Rebellion Of Thunder

Achievements 1on1

Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2023 A11st Polish Duel Championship 3 div1 1on1 Poland Macler
2023 A11st Polish Duel Championship 3 div2 1on1 Poland Iron
2023 A44th Kombat Duel 5 div1 1on1 Russia Zepp
2021 A44th Sdcup5 Div1 1on1 France Bernkaoch
2021 A22nd Kombat Duel 2 Tuesday 1on1 France Bernkaoch
2021 A11st Kombat Duel 2 Thursday 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2021 A22nd Kombat Duel 2 Wednesday 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2021 A33 - 4th Kombat 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2021 A11st Hammer Time Season 3 div6 1on1 Portugal Dib
2021 A22nd Hammer Time Season 3 div6 1on1 Sweden Ncr
2021 A33rd Hammer Time Season 3 div6 1on1 Portugal Ved
2020 A99 - 16th DM6 Duel Tournament 1on1 France Bernkaoch
2020 A55 - 6th Thunderdome Season 13 Div1 1on1 France Bernkaoch
2020 A22nd Thunderdome Season 12 Div2 1on1 France Bernkaoch
2020 A11st Hammer Time Season 2 Div3 1on1 France Bernkaoch 30€
2020 A55 - 8th QuakeCon 2020 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2020 A11st DM6 Duel Tournament div2 1on1 Portugal hammer
2020 A22nd Hammer Time Season 2 div2 1on1 Portugal hammer
2020 A88th Hammer Time Season 2 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2019 A33rd Hammer Time Season 1 div2 1on1 Portugal hammer
2018 A55th Thunderdome Season 10 div2 1on1 Portugal hammer
2017 A33 - 4th One-day eclipse 2 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2017 A11st One-day eclipse 1 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2017 A55 - 8th Thunderdome Season 7 Div0 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2016 A11st Thunderdome Season 6 Div1 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2006 B717 - 24th Duelmania Reloaded 1 1on1 Portugal Nitemare
2005 A22nd Duelmania Portugal 1on1 Portugal Nitemare