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[e][h]Kombat Series
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One-day Tournaments
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Kombat is a series of one-day tournaments in duel and 2on2 formats, that first appeared Sunday 30th May, 2021 as a Duel tournament. Maps are tried to be mixed between traditional old ones and also occasionally bring in new ones.

The ambition is to bring more quick and easy tournaments into Quakeworld that doesn't require scheduling for each and every match. Streamers are SuddendeathTV and hemostick on Twitch.

Hall of Fame

Season Date Winner Runner-up Third place
Kombat FFA 2021-08-29 Sweden bps Norway Baresi Russia Billy_The_Kid/Sweden Splash
Kombat 2on2 #2 2021-08-22 Sweden bps/Sweden ganon Russia dot/Russia Billy_The_Kid Sweden Splash/Sweden conan
Kombat Duel #3 2021-08-09 Ireland lordlame Poland er Finland Gamer/Russia Billy_The_Kid
Kombat End 2021-08-01 Finland Milton Portugal nitemare Finland Diki/France spektral
Kombat Duel #2 Thursday 2021-07-22 Portugal nitemare Russia zepp Finland Myztikal/Poland er
Kombat Duel #2 Wednesday 2021-07-21 Sweden Splash Portugal nitemare Portugal er/Poland Tom
Kombat Duel #2 Tuesday 2021-07-20 Russia dot France Bernkaoch Finland Lugia/Russia Billy_The_Kid
Kombat Duel #2 Monday 2021-07-19 Russia zepp Sweden bps Portugal Von/France Bernkaoch
Kombat 2on2 #1 2021-06-20 Sweden bps/Sweden goblin Sweden ok98/Sweden Splash TBD TBD
Kombat Duel #1 2021-05-30 Russia dot Sweden bps Portugal nitemare/Russia Zepp