Polish Duel Championship 3

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League Information
Poland samon, Poland Tom
Group Stage
Prize pool:
Fame & Glory
Start Date:
End Date:
dm2 • dm4 • dm6 • aerowalk • ztndm3 • bravado • shifter

Rules of selecting maps (BO5):

  • Each map can only be played once per match
  • We randomly choose who rejects/chooses first by entering the command: /cmd rnd player1 player2
  • Player1 chooses 1 map
  • Player2 chooses 1 map
  • When player1 wins 2-0, player2 chooses the 3rd map and player1 chooses the 4th map
  • When the score is 1-1, the 3rd map is chosen by player1 and the 4th map is chosen by player2
  • When the score is 2-2, players starting to toss maps
  • Player1 tosses a map
  • Player2 tosses a map
  • The players play the so-called "decider" on a map that has not been previously selected or rejected


  • Playing the match +1 point
  • Winning the map +1 point
  • WO winning the match +4 points (3-0 in maps, 90-0 in frags)
  • Losing the match by WO +0 points (0-3 in maps, 0-90 in frags)
  • (example: score 3-1, points 4-2; score 3-2, points 4-3; score 3-0, points 4-1)

After the end of the group phase, there is no PLAYOFF phase planned

Arranging matches

Please schedule matches with your opponents on the #schedules channel so that the league admins can see your commitment (this will be important when handing out WO).


Rigidly established, 1 week to play a match with the possibility of extending it by 1 week. After exceeding these deadlines, walkovers will be given. It is possible to play your matches in advance if your opponent agrees.


  • If the player is unable to play the match on the scheduled date, he or she loses due to WO. If two players are unable to play their match on the scheduled date, both players lose due to WO.
  • It is possible to play a match in which a WO was awarded only if the player who won the match by WO agrees to it.
  • Matches in which a WO is awarded to the detriment of both players do not fall under this exception.

Additional rules

  • inability to add players during the league
  • we apply the principle of fair play, no betting, we play using commonly accepted rulesets (smackdown, qcon) and clients (nQuake, ezQuake).
  • if players are caught not applying the fair play rules, they will be subject to consequences, after considering each case individually.

Match reporting

After completing the match, the winner posts screenshots with the result from each map played on the #results channel at discord.


Map pool

dm2 dm4 dm6 aerowalk ztndm3 bravado shifter
Dm2 Dm4 Dm6 Aerowalk Ztndm3 Bravado Shifter

Google sheet with the details and results - Season 3