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Tournaments  /  8 Dec 2012, 23:21
In division 2 we have Carapace's secondary team vs. ParadokS's secondary team. Both teams were competing in group A during the group stages of the season. Carapace's team seem to rely more on hard work and strong teamplay to pull them through to the finals whereas ParadokS's secondary team seem to have relied more on the individual skills of LocKtar to win them games.
Tournaments  /  8 Dec 2012, 00:47
The games have been played and the season has went as smooth as the admins had hoped. With zero walkovers in Division 1 and only two walkovers in the whole of Division 2 meant this season has been extremely successful. With a lot of tight games and a few surprises later we have now reached the final stage of Salvation. Two teams will battle it out in Division 1 and 2 respectively.

In division 1 we have Team Milton vs Team Zero. Zero is a surprise in the final, he had a rough start to the season but as the season has progressed, so has his team. A strong performance vs Striker in the last game of Group B meant it would place his team #2 in the group. He followed it up with two consecutive victories vs. Rikoll and ParadokS on the same day. Taking the games home with a good margin means his team will go through to face off vs. Milton's minions in the finals.
Tournaments  /  17 Nov 2012, 13:49
Just like last season Milton is again seeded #1. If you've followed Milton for the past 4-5 years this shouldn't surprise anyone as he seems to always be one step ahead of the rest in the scene.

Having won 90% of all the tournaments he has taken part in during the course of the last four years speaks for itself. This is one player that no matter what players his team consists of will be predicted by many to be one of the pre-season favorites for the finals of any tournament he takes part in. He comes into this season of Salvation strong following a victory in the Hymn of Hope 2on2 edition tournament together with Maga that ended a month ago. His team, Milton's Militia was also the previous winner of Season 1 of Salvation. While everyone knows Milton, he has picked a rather "anonymous" team this season. Of course, Lakso who is a really good duel player as well as a 4on4 player has racked up good results in both game modes in the past. Lakso comes fresh with much needed experience from top clans such as Druidz which was created when top clan Star Alliance became the QuakeWorld division of swedish e-Sports team Druidz. Star Alliance was a team that formed after the first team of Suddendeath broke out and joined forces with Reppie and Razor from top clan Firing Squad. Lakso can therefore be seen as the second most experienced player found on Milton's team. Hopefully he will raise his activity as he has been rather inactive in the past. The other players picked by Milton are Moje, who was also a part of Milton's Militia that won the first season. He is an active player who spends a lot of time playing 4on4 mixed games where he has over the years built himself some strong reputation within the EU scene as a fine DM3 player. Joined by these three are OK98 who is a swedish player mostly known from clans such as Suddendeath and Oblivion in the european scene. He has the necessary experience to compete at this level and is usually an active player who will probably compete with Wimpeeh over the 4th starting spot on the team.
Tournaments  /  15 Nov 2012, 21:21
Seeded #2 is none other than Quake legend ParadokS.

Having just come back from a five month hiatus pwning n00bs in Diablo 3, ParadokS will be as motivated as ever to get a shot at reaching the finals of Salvation Season 2. To help him with his goal he has picked experienced players such as Ganon, formerly of division 1 clan TeamKillers. Also found on his team is his former Season 1 teammate Rkd who has previous experience from clans such as Chosen and Suddendeath. Joining these players are swedish player Overdoze, known from Enigma and Chosen to name a few teams. ParadokS's 4th pick came down to the finnish player Kapo, who is an extremely active player that can regularly be seen playing 4on4 mix games. Kapo has improved alot since I last saw him play, and much like last season ParadokS has put together a very solid team where there are no weak links. Every player contributes in his own way and together with ParadokS experience in creating winning teams will make this team a tough one to beat. Known from his years in superclans such as Euthanasia, which later on became Slackers after the very core of Euthanasia (three out of four starting players) left the clan to start Slackers, the rest is as they say, history. A part from his deadly aim, ParadokS's ability to bring together talented players and make a winning team out of them is what sets him a part from other div0 players. During my 15 years of playing this game I've seen hundreds of big talents play this game, but never before have I seen a clan such as Slackers where no matter the amount of div0 players they lost in the past they have always managed come back stronger than ever and have been able to keep that winning streak going. Credit for this feat must of course go to the only player who has kept true to the clan over all these years, that player is of course none other than the man himself, ParadokS.
Tournaments  /  13 Nov 2012, 20:26
After Carapace's team we have Team Zero. Seeded #3.

Being a well known figure in the 4on4 community nowadays, Zero rose to stardom in the early seasons of EQL where his unique DM2 style was first introduced to the audience during his short visit in newly promoted team Slackers2 participating in division 1 of EQL Season 6. Being part of a newly formed Slackers project the performances from this team took the crowd by storm. In their first few official games in division 1 they defeated clans such as Clan MalFunction and Firing Squad to name some teams, a spectacular feat for a team that was known in the eyes of the audience as some sort of "farming" team for the first Slackers team. With a team consisting of strong players such as Zero and StrikeR, backed up by players such as TheEvilDog, Krab and Purity, no one could even fathom that this team would be one of the top candidates for the EQL title that season. Little did people know that behind the teams success was that "fucking hungarian", a player who was always in the shadow behind starplayer StrikeR at the time. Though there are not many players today who don't consider Zero to be among the absolute top of currently active 4on4 players. His performances for clan Slackers in the recent years has earned him a third place seed in the tournament, behind superstars like ParadokS and Milton.
Tournaments  /  13 Nov 2012, 19:48
Next we introduce Team Carapace, seeded #4.

Carapace was also featured last season where his team Carapace's Nutcases reached the quarter finals.

Much like last season where Razor was his first pick he has opted for the same strategy again, this time picking teammate Grisling as his first choice. Along with Carapace and Grisling, both from swedish top clan Suddendeath comes Meshuggah, formerly of russian clan USSR. Also found on Carapace team is danish oldschooler Niw from C88. Surprisingly enough, Carapace opted for returning star Phantasy as his 5th pick.
Tournaments  /  12 Nov 2012, 18:49
Next we introduce Team Bps.

Bps was also part of the core of eight captains in the previous season of Salvation.

Bps's team missed out on the playoffs by placing themselves 5th in Group A in the previous season.
Only winning one map vs. Team Darkki. Hopefully he has picked the right team this time around and will look to improve and reach the playoffs.

To help him out Bps has put faith in fellow teammate Rst currently in Suddendeath. Quite surprising, though maybe not if you consider his recent performances, Bps has also picked up the returning oldschool player Sphere. A player he will have to count on if he wants to progress past Group B where his team will be found. Battling it out vs. strong opponents such as Milton, Striker and Zero. Alongside Bps, Rst and Sphere we find Shaka and Adde
Tournaments  /  12 Nov 2012, 18:34
Freshly introduced as a captain for the second season of Salvation is no other than duel superstar Rikoll

Quite unexpectedly he has received quite a low seeding which I think he has used to full advantage when picking his team. Not only has he picked up Moltas, the player who was picked absolute first among the players who were available in the first season of Salvation. He has also managed to pick up Skillah who was part of Milton's Militia that reached the final and later on won the whole tournament. Fighting alongside these beasts are two new players to Salvation. Pericles & Xenic
Tournaments  /  12 Nov 2012, 18:16
Up next we have Team Striker.

Striker is a known figure in the scene, and with him he has picked two excellent recruits in XN & Votary. Though his other picks might not be as well known as they were not featured in the first season of Salvation.
Tournaments  /  12 Nov 2012, 16:37
The players have been picked and the captains have practiced hard to get in shape for the second season of Salvation - Quakeworld Draft League.

While the captains are all fairly well known players in the scene, I'm not so sure most people know about some of the players who were picked last night. We have a few oldschoolers returning to the ranks of QuakeWorld as well as some "newer" players who have found their way into the league.

In this article we will go through the ranks of Team Dimman to see what we could come to expect from his players.
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