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Tournaments  /  17 Nov 2012, 13:49
Introducing the Primary teams of Salvation - Team Milton
Just like last season Milton is again seeded #1. If you've followed Milton for the past 4-5 years this shouldn't surprise anyone as he seems to always be one step ahead of the rest in the scene.

Having won 90% of all the tournaments he has taken part in during the course of the last four years speaks for itself. This is one player that no matter what players his team consists of will be predicted by many to be one of the pre-season favorites for the finals of any tournament he takes part in. He comes into this season of Salvation strong following a victory in the Hymn of Hope 2on2 edition tournament together with Maga that ended a month ago. His team, Milton's Militia was also the previous winner of Season 1 of Salvation. While everyone knows Milton, he has picked a rather "anonymous" team this season. Of course, Lakso who is a really good duel player as well as a 4on4 player has racked up good results in both game modes in the past. Lakso comes fresh with much needed experience from top clans such as Druidz which was created when top clan Star Alliance became the QuakeWorld division of swedish e-Sports team Druidz. Star Alliance was a team that formed after the first team of Suddendeath broke out and joined forces with Reppie and Razor from top clan Firing Squad. Lakso can therefore be seen as the second most experienced player found on Milton's team. Hopefully he will raise his activity as he has been rather inactive in the past. The other players picked by Milton are Moje, who was also a part of Milton's Militia that won the first season. He is an active player who spends a lot of time playing 4on4 mixed games where he has over the years built himself some strong reputation within the EU scene as a fine DM3 player. Joined by these three are OK98 who is a swedish player mostly known from clans such as Suddendeath and Oblivion in the european scene. He has the necessary experience to compete at this level and is usually an active player who will probably compete with Wimpeeh over the 4th starting spot on the team.
Milton's Primary
Expected by many to be one of the teams taking part in the finals at the end of Season 2, Team Milton has started this season rather "slow" compared to other teams. His team hasn't been seen practicing that much as of late, though Milton and Moje are both very active players who have been seen in mix games on a regular basis, usually together and performing very well. Though much like last season Milton's Militia had a rather slow start to the season, they were placed in Group A which seemed to house two clear favorites from the start in ParadokS's Rocks and Milton's Militia with the lack of real competition from the other teams both of the favorites could more or less cruise into the playoffs. Milton's team however improved drastically after the group games, and I think we could see something similar this season. With the lack of practice to get this team together they will most likely depend a lot on Milton in the first few games before everyone is confident and their teamplay starts to take shape. With that said he has picked up some great players, but I think if this team wants to have a shot at winning Season 2 of Salvation they need the trio of Milton, Lakso and Moje to perform consistently and at their best. Especially Lakso has a lot more to offer once he gets back in his best shape, if that happens then this team will surely be very tough to beat.

Picked as Milton's first choice, Moje is a player who has improved a lot during the last years, he is a player who is constantly playing 4on4 mixed games and has built up some reputation in the 4on4 scene for some fine performances, especially on DM3. He is recognized as a solid player who has experience from a whole lot of games, both in mix games and vs top clans as a standin. At some point he was regurarly used as a standin for finnish top clan The Viper Squad, whom I'm sure has taught him a lot about 4on4. He also played a key part in Milton's Militia previous success, although he missed out on the final. Moje is the sort of player who can be used both as an offensive weapon and as a defensive player who will keep control of important positions on a map. He's a good aimer and is especially sneaky on DM3 where he usually manages to grab hold of a shaft and stock up with armor in no time. While Milton's previous team featured players such as Diki and Skillah who played a key role in his teams success, more pressure will be on Moje this time to deliver the goods as he will quite possibly have an even bigger role in this team.

Lakso has been fairly inactive in recent years, he played a key role in success of teams such as Druidz and Suddendeath in the past. His last team was C88 in EQL Season 14 Division 1 where he was a regular starter. Though with Lakso's experience it shouldn't take long for him to get back in shape seeing as there's regular 4on4 mix games going on daily. Possibly this could be required since we haven't seen much practice games coming from Milton's team. Lakso is otherwise a skilled player who is usually seen rampaging around on maps with his offensive style and good aim to match. He is a little underrated though being picked as 3rd choice as well as being picked off quite late. I guess most captains were skeptical towards his recent activity, hopefully we can see more of him on the servers in the future.

Another swedish player picked for Team Milton. OK98 spent last season playing for clan Suddendeath2 where he was a regular starter playing most maps out of any player on the team. He is an experienced player who has competed in both Division 1 and Division 2 of EQL in the past. His style is usually leaning more towards an offensive player but he is also a very competent team player and seeing as Milton will most likely be the player grabbing most powerups and roaming around freely on maps I would expect the other mates to play a more defensive role keeping important positions. It should be said however that OK98 is a very good, and sometimes underrated player. He is especially good on maps such as DM2 and E1M2, something that could be proven vital to Milton's team considering his players seem to lean more towards DM2 and DM3 which is expected considering E1M2 is rarely played in mix games.

Wimpeeh is possibly quite an "unknown" player outside of EU. His last season was EQL Season 11 where he competed in Division 1, though his clan went idle quite early in the season and I can't recall him competing actively in EQL since Season 10 where his team Boefje reached the final of Division 2. He has been playing 4on4 mixed games and 2on2 actively ever since and should be a player that is in great shape. It will be interesting to see how Milton forms this team and which players will be given key roles. As a player Wimpeeh is especially strong on maps like DM3 and DM2 where his great aim and defensive style could be particularly important to this team. He is especially good at guarding the Red armor area at DM3, a reliable player like this is something that I'm sure Milton will prefer to have at his disposal on especially DM3 where the smallest mistake at the Red armor area could prove to be the difference between a win and a loss. Wimpeeh was also fairly known in the EU scene for his great aim at DMM4 maps, especially Povdmm4.
2012-11-18, 03:01
I think this is a weaker team than last season for Milton, but overall the talent is down a bit in Salvation season 2 so maybe it evens out. I think if teams can focus on shutting down Milton they can also shut down his team but obviously that is easier said than done. In the NA draft my team (GND's Fruit Qompany) managed to shut down SQZ on DM3 by basically stalking and calling out his position all map. We went out of our way to isolate and attack him even when normally for another player we wouldn't be so aggressive. Yet it worked well with such aggressive sacrifice plays.
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