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Introducing the Primary teams of Salvation - Team Dimman
The players have been picked and the captains have practiced hard to get in shape for the second season of Salvation - Quakeworld Draft League.

While the captains are all fairly well known players in the scene, I'm not so sure most people know about some of the players who were picked last night. We have a few oldschoolers returning to the ranks of QuakeWorld as well as some "newer" players who have found their way into the league.

In this article we will go through the ranks of Team Dimman to see what we could come to expect from his players.
Dimman's Primary

Dimman featured in the first season of Salvation where he was also a captain. His team placed themselves in the 3rd place of Group A where the two main favourites of the tournament (Milton & ParadokS)s teams also resided. Dimmans team put up some strong performances beating Team Darkki and Team Bps in the process. His team nearly managed to beat Team Milton in the very first game of the season, a performance which I'm sure was very surprising to many. Although Dimman's team was one of the more “inactive” teams during the season in terms of practice games, which shows in their playoff game where Team En_Karl could progress into the semifinals in a game that was quite one sided. In a player by player comparison between Dimman's team in season 1 and his current team in season 2 shows that he has in fact managed to secure a stronger team this time around, but will it be enough? Lets have a look.

A player that I'm sure everyone is familiar with nowadays. Kingpin has been a prominent star in Division 1 for the past three or four seasons where has been a key player in teams such as Enigma, Fusion and more recently, C88. He is well known for his strong play around the ringside of DM3, a style that has earned him the infamous nickname "Ringpin". However, remains to be seen if this beast has yet found his way to the pentside of the map, or as the man himself likes to say; "Who needs pent anyway?". I would give Kingpin a slight edge over Dimman's previous first pick Moltas. This based off of Kingpins previous efforts in the first season of Salvation where he was an absolute beast and the most consistent performer of Team ParadokS. I guess in most players eyes Kingpin and Moltas would be fairly equal skillwise. Much like the rest of the players on Dimmans team, they all have DM3 in common as their best map alongside E1M2. Remains to be seen if Dimmans team can maintain a certain level of activity and build up a solid teamplay, if this team can stay active together and practice I think they can definitely progress into the playoffs and quite possibly, all the way to the finals.

Another player who also featured in the first season of Salvation. Molle was part of the core trio together with Nitram and Phrenic in the team Nitram's Rams that made it to the finals of the first season losing 3-2 vs Milton's Militia. A quite underrated player whom is often overlooked in 4on4 games, Molle has all the necessary experience and skill to perform at the highest level. Previously representing teams such as Fragomatic and Suddendeath to name a few. His strongest attribute is his calm style and defensive play, often doing the hard work and securing important positions while letting the stars of his team do the fragging. Being a previous key player in Suddendeaths first team he will contribute with more experience to an already experienced team. In an already offensive team featuring players such as Dimman, Kingpin and Pai. Molle could very well prove to be deciding factor between a win and a loss with his leader mentality in MM3 and his strong teamplay.

Finnish oldschool player who has recently played in teams such as SSC and KOFF. Pai was part of Team Zero in the first season of Salvation where he was unlucky not to reach the playoffs. I'm fairly sure that he will practice hard to be in his best form to help Dimman's team with advancing to the final stages of Season 2. Pai is also a regular player in the 4on4 mixes that are usually going on nowadays. His strongest maps are without a doubt DM3 and E1M2. Previously known by many as somewhat of a finnish DM3 beast, Pai still has a lot of potential and it will be up to Dimman to make the most out of this gem of player that he has at his disposal.

Former Brazilian superstar who can now be found abroad in America. I didn't know much about this player until fairly recent where he, together with Squeeze made up an unstoppable duo in American/Brazilian clan Oclan. He followed the Oclan performance up with a decent performance for Team Zero. I suppose he will have to play a more of a “Backup” role in Dimman's team this season. But lets not get fooled by his high ping, as a player Vegeta is very strong both as a defensive and offensive player. His best map is DM3, which he, even with his high ping can trouble any team at. Possibly he might play a role for Dimman's team on DM2 which I think is a map that Pai doesn't favor.
2012-11-12, 23:59
Thanks for taking the time to write all these players/teams up, they are very insightful and informative.
2012-11-13, 12:01
Almost everyone is a beast
2012-11-13, 12:03
Qw indeed has alot of beasts! :e
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