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Inactive n00b who is now writing some sort of articles for Season 2 of Salvation - QuakeWorld Draft League.
Tournaments  /  15 Nov 2012, 21:21
Introducing the Primary teams of Salvation - Team ParadokS
Seeded #2 is none other than Quake legend ParadokS.

Having just come back from a five month hiatus pwning n00bs in Diablo 3, ParadokS will be as motivated as ever to get a shot at reaching the finals of Salvation Season 2. To help him with his goal he has picked experienced players such as Ganon, formerly of division 1 clan TeamKillers. Also found on his team is his former Season 1 teammate Rkd who has previous experience from clans such as Chosen and Suddendeath. Joining these players are swedish player Overdoze, known from Enigma and Chosen to name a few teams. ParadokS's 4th pick came down to the finnish player Kapo, who is an extremely active player that can regularly be seen playing 4on4 mix games. Kapo has improved alot since I last saw him play, and much like last season ParadokS has put together a very solid team where there are no weak links. Every player contributes in his own way and together with ParadokS experience in creating winning teams will make this team a tough one to beat. Known from his years in superclans such as Euthanasia, which later on became Slackers after the very core of Euthanasia (three out of four starting players) left the clan to start Slackers, the rest is as they say, history. A part from his deadly aim, ParadokS's ability to bring together talented players and make a winning team out of them is what sets him a part from other div0 players. During my 15 years of playing this game I've seen hundreds of big talents play this game, but never before have I seen a clan such as Slackers where no matter the amount of div0 players they lost in the past they have always managed come back stronger than ever and have been able to keep that winning streak going. Credit for this feat must of course go to the only player who has kept true to the clan over all these years, that player is of course none other than the man himself, ParadokS.
ParadokS's Primary
This team has been seen practicing on a daily basis, and being as experienced as ParadokS is he knows exactly what is required to make a team successful, practice, practice and more practice. ParadokS's team were drawn into Group A which is perhaps the toughest out of the groups. It houses teams such as Team Dimman, Team Carapace and Team Rikoll. Predicting a winner for this group will be extremely hard as all four teams look fairly equal on paper.

Ganon is a seasoned division 1 player who spent last season playing with mix team ParamedicS where he was a regular starter. He is known for his strong povdmm4 aim, as well as his obsession with finding new tricks to perform on maps, in particular on DM3 Ganon's main strength lies in his solid aim from hours and hours spent on povdmm4 and regular duels. He has also collected a lot of 4on4 experience in his past years from being a regular performer in division 1. Ganon can sometimes be a little too offensive in his style, especially his play without weapons can sometimes give away a little too many frags. But I'm sure with the aid of a captain as experienced as ParadokS he will improve for each game. Otherwise his play with weapons is as good as any other player. Particularly his defensive play is very strong because of his strong aim, this is one such player that no one gets past easily on any map. I'm sure we will see good things come from Ganon in this season of Salvation.

Rkd was also part of ParadokS's Rocks last season, a team that was voted by many to be one of the absolute favorites of the tournament together with Milton's Militia. Rkd is an experienced player that is very reliable on all maps. He is the sort of player who rarely makes critical mistakes on a map and I guess this is the reason why ParadokS chose to include him once again on his team. An overall solid player who I'm sure will act as the defensive key who will guard important positions on the maps that he will play. Rkd is however also a very strong offensive player as seen during his days in Chosen when he was their starplayer. Perhaps he isn't as active nowadays as he has previously been, but in a game mode such as 4on4, experience and routine plays a huge role in performances at this level where the smallest mistakes can ruin a game completely.

Od last played for team Chosen in Division 1 in EQL Season 15. He has been a regular player in division 1 for the past seasons representing teams like CCCP, Enigma & QuakeKlan. As a player Od has a very offensive style similar to his brother, Votary. Even though his offensive style he is always focusing hard on teamplay and supporting teammates. He is the sort of player who can be seen backing up team RLs with shotgun for a long period on maps, but once he gets some weapons in his hands he usually perfers to bunnyjump around on the maps sweeping up frags in his path. He is particularly strong on DM2 and will be of great asset to Team ParadokS on this map. Looking through ParadokS's team one can see that he will have a very well balanced team at his disposal that will be tough to beat on any map.

Kapo is a new player to Salvation. Not a known player outside of EU for the fact he has spent most seasons outside of Division 1, though he was a regular starter in Division 2 team BLT that won Division 2 in EQL Season 13. In the european scene he is mostly known as a mix player who spends his time in Quake playing 4on4 mixed games that are usually ever so present these days. He is a good player however and will quite possibly have a key role in Team ParadokS, his strongest contribution to this team seems to be his calm style. He is the sort of player who can always find his way to key positions with a weapon and rarely will he be seen making critical mistakes. Will be interesting to see how ParadokS will utilize this player and what sort of role he will get. What I've seen from Kapo in the practice games lately have been impressive , and he is also a very active player who will definitely improve during his first season of Salvation.

Last season ParadokS's Rocks managed to win Group A, placing themselves ahead of favorite Milton's Militia. It will be tough for ParadokS to repeat the same achievement this time if you consider the amount of competition he has in this group. Though ParadokS is a master at getting teams together and making winners out of them. This will definitely be one of those groups that people should keep their eyes on, every captain in this group has put together a very competitive team and at this moment it is almost impossible to predict a winner beforehand. All I know for certain is that ParadokS is really good at motivating his players and the fact that this team has played a practice game at least once every day means I will definitely see his team qualifying themselves for the playoffs of Salvation Season 2.
2012-11-18, 03:12
I'm quite curious to see how this team performs. Like BPS's team I feel it might be a slight underdog but ParadokS always seem to have an ability to build up players like no one else.
2012-11-23, 12:08
These are indeed some great reviews, thank you monsieur Martin.

I have been able to improve my game alot. Since eql15 where I played in division 1 with BLT with not so great success I decided that god damn I will be better and stronger next season! My thanks goes to the very active but yet so small group of players who's been keeping this game pretty much alive while waiting for somekind of tournament to start, by playing these daily/nightly mix games day after day after day, after day almost to boredom.

Ps. And btw, we won div2 twice in a row with BLT! Seasons 12 and 13.
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