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Tournaments  /  12 Nov 2012, 18:16
Introducing the Primary teams of Salvation - Team Striker
Up next we have Team Striker.

Striker is a known figure in the scene, and with him he has picked two excellent recruits in XN & Votary. Though his other picks might not be as well known as they were not featured in the first season of Salvation.
Striker's Primary
Surprising to a lot of people, Striker featured in the first season of Salvation as a player, not a captain. He was part of Team Zero where he was rather inactive missing out a big part of the season in the process. If Striker remains active and get back to the shape that once made him LegeArtis most important player and quite possibly, made him the player who was regarded by many to be possibly one of the best 4on4 players of all time during his days in Clan MalFunction, LegeArtis & Slackers then I can definitely see good things coming from this team in the second season of Salvation. Seeded quite low among the captains, Striker has managed to pick up two players of the highest caliber in XN and Votary. Remains to be seen what sort of performances he can expect from finnish player DMT and Swedish player Eggman (also known as Eggarf), or will Striker look to upcoming Swedish star Rio who he picked as his first choice for his second team to fill the ranks as the 4th start player of his primary team?

Russian superstar known in game as "Unnamed", he isn't a very known figure in the scene, though top clans have had their eyes on this beast for a long time. He is usually a player short for words, instead he let's his Rocket Launcher do the talking. And while his best map could be DM2, he is rarely seen putting up a bad performance. Strong on all three maps and known as a player who has been seen carrying teams solely on his own a couple of times in the past, Striker will no doubt look to get the absolute most out of XN this season. This will be quite an interesting duo as I can't ever recall seeing these two players on the same team before. Both players are no doubt two of the best DM2 players in the current scene. And this team will without a doubt be a tough opponent for any team on this map. However, while Striker and Votary are strong DM2 players as well as E1M2 players they seem to lack another really strong DM3 player who could possibly raise their performance on this map. Remains to be seen though what sort of performances we can come to expect from Striker's team this season.

Swedish player who last season represented Team ParadokS. Votary is a very strong DM2 and E1M2 player who played together with his brother Overdose for a whole bunch of years. They are infamously known as the "+Forward brothers" in the scene, particularly because of their hyper offensive approach to 4on4. Votary is however a very skilled player, especially on DM2, where he is very often fragging around like a beast. This trio consisting of Striker,XN and Votary will no doubt be a pain in the ass for any team on DM2. I can't possibly think of a stronger trio on that map in this current season. However, they seem to lack a solid 4th as DMT hasn't been very active lately in 4on4. But I'm sure we will come to expect great things from this team during this season.

Finnish player who is known for his strong partnership with another finnish player, HLT of CMF fame. Together they won several 2on2 tournaments if I'm not mistaken. DMT last represented clan Sauna in EQL Season 13. Not much is known about his recent activity in 4on4, he is a skilled player however, but could prove to be quite inexperienced in 4on4. Although playing together with stars like Striker and XN I'm sure he will pick up and improve his 4on4 game in no time. Remains to be seen what we can expect from him this season.

Swedish player who seem to have found his way back into the scene. He last represented team Rusty in EQL Season 12 if I'm not mistaken. Eggman, or Eggarf as he is more known as, has been a prominent player in the lower divisions of EQL. He is an IRL friend of Striker and it remains to be seen what sort of role Eggman will have this season. In my humble opinion, I would consider his first pick for his second team, Rio, to be a better fit for Striker's Primary team. Though Eggarf has been known to produce good performances in the past where has been a solid division two player. I would predict him to play a more relaxed role in this team though. He is possibly an asset for practice games as he is known to be an active player.
2012-11-13, 00:04
Sounds like maybe the top DM2 team...
2012-11-13, 10:15
Sounds like it pg

Hot stuff, martin! There is 4 more coming, right?
2012-11-13, 10:35
Yeah the rest will be published on thursday evening
2012-11-13, 11:01
Make some for div2 as well if you feel like it!
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