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Tournaments  /  12 Nov 2012, 18:49
Introducing the Primary teams of Salvation - Team Bps
Next we introduce Team Bps.

Bps was also part of the core of eight captains in the previous season of Salvation.

Bps's team missed out on the playoffs by placing themselves 5th in Group A in the previous season.
Only winning one map vs. Team Darkki. Hopefully he has picked the right team this time around and will look to improve and reach the playoffs.

To help him out Bps has put faith in fellow teammate Rst currently in Suddendeath. Quite surprising, though maybe not if you consider his recent performances, Bps has also picked up the returning oldschool player Sphere. A player he will have to count on if he wants to progress past Group B where his team will be found. Battling it out vs. strong opponents such as Milton, Striker and Zero. Alongside Bps, Rst and Sphere we find Shaka and Adde
Bps Primary
On paper, Bps team might be one of the weaker teams in the league picking players that may seem to be (relatively) unknown to the wide public. In fact, all of Bps picks have recently been housing in the lower divisions of EQL, with the lack of real experience he may see his team struggle this season. But do his players really lack the necessary experience to leave a mark in this season of Salvation? Let's have a look at Bps picks.

Being a current teammate of Bps, Rst have recently made his switch to Suddendeath where he is now part of their first team. Rst is also an oldschool player who made his comeback in the past seasons of EQL. His most recent team Too Cute ended up 2nd in EQL Season 15 Silver playoffs where they lost to Suddendeath Team 2 in the finals. Although Rst has previously had connection issues playing with high packet loss and high ping in most of his games, these issues seem to now have been taken care of and it is no surprise that he was later picked up by Suddendeath. Rst was also part of another of Bps's teammates, Carapace's team in the previous season of Salvation where he produced some spectatular performances on his strongest map, DM2. But Bps will have to demand more than strong DM2 performances from Rst in this season of Salvation if he's looking to progress with his team into the final stages.

Another oldschool player returning to the ranks of QuakeWorld, Sphere is known from former top clans such as Firing Squad, Unspoken and Divines to name a few. Sphere being possibly the second most experienced player on the team, performing at the highest level of QuakeWorld in tight games vs. some of the most well merited teams this game has ever offered. Bps will certainly look to get the most out of Sphere in his current team, and preferably get him back in his old shape. What I've seen so far from Sphere has certainly impressed me and unlike last season of Salvation where Bps put much faith into former star Interceptor, Sphere seems to be back in full force practicing hard to get back into the shape that once made him one of the most feared 4on4 players in the scene.

Shaka was a previous member of the lower division team Mini-cute, a clan formed as a "farming" team for Division 2 team Too Cute. Due to the divisional structure in the previous season of EQL, Mini-cute unfortunately stopped playing early in the season. Shaka, or Wille, as he was called in the previous seasons did not participate in the first season of Salvation, not sure if he was signed up or if he wasn't picked up by any of the captains. However, Shaka is a prominent player that can regularly be seen in 4on4 and 2on2 mix games, he is an active player that is quite skilled. Shaka has recently put up strong performances on dm2 which I'm sure did not go unwatched by Bps. Being one of the more inexperienced players on the team I'm quite unsure if he will be part of the first team. Possibly, Bps will use him to advantage on maps such as DM2 and possibly E1M2 where he is a fine player. Remains to be seen if it will be Shaka or Adde who will make up the 4th spot of Bps's team, or if he will simply look into his second team where former Div1 player Hangtime resides. It all depends on if Bps wants to the keep the all Swedish team or if he wants to mimic other teams captains and go for a more experienced & skilled team, regardless of nationality.

Adde is an experienced player who has spent most of his playing career in Division 2. Addes most recent team was Too Cute, together with another player of Bps team, Rst. Adde is possibly more well known from leading top division 2 teams such as Apocalypse 2000 (a2k) in the past. Adde was also a starting member and key player of the Oclan team that wrecked havoc in Division 2 of EQL Season 14, later on going onto winning the EQL Season 14 Silver playoffs in convincing fashion vs Immortals in the finals. Adde is a solid player whos strongest maps are DM3 and E1M2. Quite possibly he will be the 4th player of Bps's team where his experience and strong play on said maps will prove vital to the team.
2012-11-13, 00:35
This is the only team where I didn't know much about the players. In fact except for BPS I really had not even heard of any of these players. I think I vaguely remember Sphere but I'm not sure. Be interesting to see how they fare with such an underground team where as most other div1 teams feature more relatively well known players.
2012-11-13, 11:02
I have a feeling bps team might struggle a bit this season as well
2012-11-19, 10:02
I have a feeling Hooraytio might struggle with he's predictions a bit this season as well
2012-11-20, 13:31
I fucking like this idea and the introduction too!!!
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