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Tournaments  /  12 Nov 2012, 18:34
Introducing the Primary teams of Salvation - Team Rikoll
Freshly introduced as a captain for the second season of Salvation is no other than duel superstar Rikoll

Quite unexpectedly he has received quite a low seeding which I think he has used to full advantage when picking his team. Not only has he picked up Moltas, the player who was picked absolute first among the players who were available in the first season of Salvation. He has also managed to pick up Skillah who was part of Milton's Militia that reached the final and later on won the whole tournament. Fighting alongside these beasts are two new players to Salvation. Pericles & Xenic
Rikoll's Primary
Rikoll is a player who hardly needs an introduction, having won every recent duel tournament for the past two years as well as winning EQL Season 14 with Fragomatic. This is a player who has won everything there is to win and I think we could safely place him in the list of all time greats such as Dag, Reppie, Milton, ParadokS, Griffin etc. In recent years he has also improved his 4on4 game dramatically, and his seeding could therefore be considered "shockingly" low. Rikoll is possibly one of the most hard working players in the scene and this can definitely be seen in his game. He is a player with very few flaws, I would consider him behind Milton and ParadokS in terms of 4on4 level, but possibly above the rest of the captains. Although Rikoll did not participate last season he is now back with full force and alongside him he has managed to pick up not only his old mates from Fusion but also two relatively experienced players in Pericles and Xenic. I would consider this team, along with Milton's team to possibly be the two main contenders for the title this season, remains to be seen though if Rikoll can keep his players motivated throughout the season.

Possibly one of the finest 4on4 players that has emerged out of Sweden in recent years. Moltas is obviously a very well known player in the scene who has represented clans such as Fusion, USSR and more recently, C88. He is considered by many to be in the "top10" category of active 4on4 players today. In the previous season of Salvation he was picked as the first player from the list of players and could be found fragging in Team Dimman. When he gets his flow going very few players can stop him, though sometimes he seems to struggle, I guess he could need to work on his consistency for the most part, other than that he is pretty much flawless. He can act both as a hard working teamplayer taking on defensive roles as well as taking on the duty of quadrunning and turning maps around by himself. Moltas could well be considered one of the most useful players in the scene and I'm fairly sure he could find himself a starting spot in any of the previous top clans from EQL. No doubt will he be of great asset to Rikoll's team.

Skillah was part of Milton's Militia whom went on to win the first season of Salvation. Skillah alongside with Milton and Diki played a pivotal role in securing that victory for Milton's team that season. He seemed to perform consistently throughout the whole season and making some really important frags in the process. A player who can sometimes be underrated, it is no surprise that Milton picked him in the first season or that Rikoll picked him in second season as he is the sort of player who thrives in these mix games. Skillah might not be considered a player with rawskill such as Rikoll, but he more than makes up for this with his great tactical play. He is the sort of player who is often the last guy on the team with full armor and a weapon maintaining map control all that while fragging for fun and building a strong lead for his team.

Spanish player who is not too known for his 4on4 skills, Pericles can often be seen playing 2on2 games, especially on DM4. Though, he is a good 4on4 player whom I think will pick up the 4th starting role in Team Rikoll. He is usually a frequent mix player, even if he hasn't participated in the more recent seasons of EQL. He was also missing from the previous season of Salvation. A skilled player that combines great aim together with strong tactical play. Rikoll will possibly look for Pericles as his 4th starting player in the official games of Salvation season 2.

Finnish player known for his deadly aim and strong performances in 1on1 and 2on2. He has been a frequent 4on4 player housing in clans such as Apocalypse 2000 in the past. I'm sure he will look to get some mix action in the recent days and he will, together with Pericles fight for a starting spot on the team. I know he teamed up with Rikoll in the 2on2 edition of Hymn of Hope where they reached the LB final. Though I'm unsure how active Xenic will be in this season of Salvation or what sort of role he will be looking at. I know he played on a laptop in HoH, and I'm not sure if he will consider himself to be fit for fight yet. Though, that remains to be seen. He is the sort of player who has all the right ingredients to make a difference in a game, aim, movement and tactics is an accurate description of his qualities.
2012-11-13, 00:15
I remember many years back when I was playing mix games in UK with skillah and I thought he should be a div1 player. At the time I think he was in div3 or div4. He certainly has proved himself now. Be interesting to see which players or captains can amass the most victories in Salvation. For instance the IDL list which is Doom2 CTF draft is here - I'm rooting for Skillah to be the first player with two championships.
2012-11-13, 11:02
Rikolls team sure looks like a top2 candidate
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