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Tournaments  /  13 Nov 2012, 20:26
Introducing the Primary teams of Salvation - Team Zero
After Carapace's team we have Team Zero. Seeded #3.

Being a well known figure in the 4on4 community nowadays, Zero rose to stardom in the early seasons of EQL where his unique DM2 style was first introduced to the audience during his short visit in newly promoted team Slackers2 participating in division 1 of EQL Season 6. Being part of a newly formed Slackers project the performances from this team took the crowd by storm. In their first few official games in division 1 they defeated clans such as Clan MalFunction and Firing Squad to name some teams, a spectacular feat for a team that was known in the eyes of the audience as some sort of "farming" team for the first Slackers team. With a team consisting of strong players such as Zero and StrikeR, backed up by players such as TheEvilDog, Krab and Purity, no one could even fathom that this team would be one of the top candidates for the EQL title that season. Little did people know that behind the teams success was that "fucking hungarian", a player who was always in the shadow behind starplayer StrikeR at the time. Though there are not many players today who don't consider Zero to be among the absolute top of currently active 4on4 players. His performances for clan Slackers in the recent years has earned him a third place seed in the tournament, behind superstars like ParadokS and Milton.
Zero's Primary
Much like last season where Zero opted for a team full of different nationalities he has again chosen to follow suit and pick four players, all from different european countries. In his team he has picked up obvious div1 stars Creature from clan C88 and russian player Gor who played for the newly created mix team ParamedicS that reached the final of EQL Season 15. Joining them are swedish player LethalWiz and dutch player Springz, two fairly well known players in the scene who have played in both division 1 and division 2 of EQL in the past years. What do we currently know about this team and what can we come to expect from them in Season 2?

Finnish 4on4 player who was Zero's first pick this season. He is known for being a very solid player who is often seen doing the hard work for a team. He is the sort of reliable player that starplayers like to depend on keeping crucial positions on maps. He is also a sharp aimer and will not shy away from moving forward on maps performing devastating quadruns. As these solid players tend to be consistent on all three maps, something that is also present in Creature's own game. He will rarely make a crucial mistake, instead he is very focused on optimizing his teams teamplay. A solid player that I'm sure will be of great asset to Team Zero.

Gor is a player that I'm very familiar with, coming from the same team as Gor I'd say that he is the sort of russian equivalent to Creature. A very solid player that will hold down key positions and make stuff very easy for the stars of the team. Much like his said counterpart he won't back away from grabbing a quad from time to time and going absolute bananas with it. Gor has past experience from russian team USSR where he was a key player. The team has had past success with coming close to beating finnish top clan The Viper Squad in an official game. As well as beating swedish clan Fragomatic in their return to the 4on4 scene in EQL Season 10. This isn't all of his achievements though as USSR has always been a strong opponent to all teams in division 1. Often placing themselves high in this division, Gor has always had a key role in this teams success. Much like both Zero and Creature he is a player who is equal on all maps. Something that is prevalent in Team Zero. Some doubts must be cast on this team though as Zero's first picks are both fairly defensive in their styles. Something that could cause confusion in the team, Zero will have to be absolutely clear with what sort of roles he is expecting from his mates.

LethalWiz is an experienced player who moved to the DM scene from CTF as the CTF scene ended abruptly some 10-12 years ago when most players moved onto DM where more clans were present and the activity was higher. As a CTF player LethalWiz was known for his skills, especially as a high ping player during the "modem" days. He has made himself some reputation during his years in the 4on4 scene recently where he was quite possibly the biggest star of the Suddendeath2 team that won the EQL Season 15 Silver playoff. He has also been a frequent standin for Suddendeath's first team when they have lacked a 4th player. He is quite famous for his strong shotgun aim on e1m2, which is also his strongest map. LethalWiz is also a solid player who will certainly add flavor to Team Zeros teamplay. As Team Zero has 5 players who I would all consider strong on their respective favourite maps. I think LethalWiz and Springz will take turns as the 4th starting player where we will see Springz play DM3 and LethalWiz E1M2. Not really sure which of the two Zero would prefer on DM2. We will just have to wait and see on Sunday when they take on Team Bps in their first game of the season.

Springz have made a comeback to the 4on4 scene for this season of Salvation. He has past experience from dutch clans such as Dutch Hope and Boefje both teams were prominent top teams in division 2 back in the days when division 2 was mostly considered to be "Division 1,5". This was at a time when Division 1 featured some 15-20 clans as well as 6-7 real top clans. Both teams have had past experience from playing in division 1. A part from his past experiences Springz is also a regular player in the mix games that are often arranged during the day and night. He is known for his strong play on DM3, but is also a fairly consistent player on other maps as well. Springz is perhaps, together with Zero the two most offensive players on the team. I think this team will be particularly strong on DM3 and DM2 which I also feel is most of these players best two maps. As they are teaming up with LethalWiz I would predict them to be strong on E1M2 also.

This team also seems very active and are constantly looking for practice games. Something I know Zero favored was activity among his players, and he seems to have definitely found that as all five players on the team are very active. It will be interesting to see just what kind of performances we can expect to see from this team. No doubt will Sundays game vs Team Bps be an interesting game. And I hope Zero's team will continue their activity and that we also see his Secondary team follow suit and start practicing as well!
2012-11-13, 23:45
I'm curious to see who will be the anchor of this team getting the most frags each map and doing lots of quad running. It probably will be Zero but i could see another player stepping up as well. I think LethalWiz is under rated a bit and possibly could have been drafted sooner.
2012-11-14, 08:32
On the activity note Zero2 started praccing last night as well!
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