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LANs  /  8 Nov 2010, 07:00
Unfortunately I was unlucky enough to get sick the day before QHLan was kicking off so I couldn't be there the first days, but since the coverage has been pretty nonexistant (apart from some very nice posts on esreality etc) I'll make a post about it anyway!
LANs  /  7 Sep 2010, 11:16
So finally it really seems like the new season of QuakeWorld is kicking off!
Misc  /  15 Apr 2010, 00:47
Alright, appearently there's no news-post about it or anything, but the winnerbracket finals between

Milton and LocKtar

are scheduled TOMORROW, Thursday 15th of April at 21:00 CET.
Misc  /  11 Apr 2010, 23:51
We got to see some AWESOME games tonight between Milton and Valla, and especially LocKtar and Slabi! I'm sure Phil had a few orgasms commentating the dm6, a dm6lover as he is. Definetly great games to watch and I can't wait for the VoDs to be up (which appearently can take a while due to's VoD system being in beta stage) in order to watch them again!

Match no.1:
Milton vs.
Valla 2 - 0 (ztndm3: 11-7, dm6: 12-6)
Match no.2:
Slabi vs.
LocKtar 1 - 2 (dm4: 1-6, dm6: 6-4, dm2: 0-1)
Misc  /  7 Apr 2010, 01:32
Since Medar didn't have time for more previews, I figured someone had to take over so I'll try to do a little cover of it!
Misc  /  7 Feb 2010, 22:26
It's been dry for a while now. Not me, nor Sweden, but the QW scene.
Misc  /  9 Sep 2009, 06:26
Hey there,

long time since I wrote something here now and I felt that it's time for an update.

The summer has been kind of QW-inactive from what I've noticed. Apart from bps playing around under "Jaedong" and LocKtar beating him sometimes, I haven't seen a lot of QW activity - which is understandable during a summer.

Myself have been pretty inactive as well. Cought the bloody swine flu as well (or well, that's what the doctor said on the phone - he didn't want me to come and check it out, better stay home ) and was terribly sick for a week or so which fucked my sleeping pattern. Therefore, the time is now 08:06 in the morning and I still haven't gone to bed.

Just watched a few 2v2s, bps was playing (wonder what the fuck he was doing up at ~6 in the morning playing QW on a tuesday night?).

Enough of me.

The Ownage Duel Tournament signups has begun and I think that's bloody LOVELY!!! Someone needs to take the first step after a few months of QW inactivity and that's exactly what
anni just did when out of nowhere launching another season of Ownage Duel!

To contribute to bringing back activity, I've signed up as well for my first official QW tournament ever

...let's hope I don't finish last!!

I will make sure to pump QW as much as possible the coming weeks and perhaps do some CFG adjustments (been having some fps problems for some reason).

I will try to pump enough to actually beat Hagge... Don't know why, but that would be a great satisfaction!

Alright, so, Ownage Duel Tournament coming up. That's good. Very good.

On to other things... I saw Milton playing today as well! Yeah, that's right, he seems to be back from his summerbreak and he started it off by slaying Rikoll badly on ztndm3 (only watched two games though).

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I think everything looks so easy when Milton plays. He's always entirely sure of where his enemy is and always 0.5 seconds before his enemy, so to speak. He doesn't have to do these ze-omg-awesome-rockets or 50% shaftsessions because he never puts himself in a situation where such is needed. He's always one step before his enemy - not by speed - not by shaft - but by his way of thinking. He knows what the opponent is going to do next whilst his enemy has no idea what Milton is gonna do. It all sums up to making it look really easy beating the crap out of some of the top QW players around these days, which is sort of amazing. It could actually be BORING to watch Milton play as it looks so easy (if one could call spanking others boring...), yet so interesting.

What do you think? Try comparing it to perhaps the killer shaft of Locust or the weird things LocKtar always does which are so amusing and lovely to watch, but most of it certainly doesn't look easy.

I don't know... perhaps all of the top QW players can play the same way as Milton does but chooses not to. Who knows?

Either way, I have a really hard time putting my finger on what makes Milton so bloody good. Spectating him, his shaft seem to basically suck. I even think I can outshaft him if I play well. As soon as he starts shafting he seem to become shaky in his wrist and things really don't look as smooth as they usually do. So that's not it, he's not that bloody good because of his shaft.

What is it then? His rocket-skillz? One can't say that he doesn't have good rockets - of course he does - but I've definetly seen better.

The only thing I can think of would be Milton's excellent understanding of each game. He foresees everything so darn well and like I said - is always one step ahead of his opponent. That's sort of the only thing I can come up with...

So - what do you think?

Anyway, this article is starting to become really large so I better stop! See you guys in the Ownage Duel Tournament and I hope you enjoyed your summer - I did!

Misc  /  15 Jun 2009, 00:10
The dreamhack tournament was bloody FLAWLESS if you ask me!

1. LocKtar
2. Nabbe
3. bps

Was a bit annoying that Locust and LocKtar faced eachother already in the quarterfinals, i.e if Locust would have been in another group he'd probably have gotten way higher. Worth mentioning is that he didn't play THAT well during the LAN.

Even though a few names dropped out, the tournament was bloody awesome to watch, AND ESPECIALLY THE FINAL!!!

The final, played in the DreamArena Extreme THEATRE, was incredible. The place has room for 1100 people (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the main screen was bigger than my house. The commentators, 2gd and Phil, did a flawless job covering the games and every second of the games were interesting to both watch and listen to!

The entire thing was so awesome, the big theatre filled (or well not filled but yeah...) with people watching two dark loners at one computer each fighting their balls off to win the title and the streaming of the game... OMFG!!

Sadly, alot of people weren't able to watch the streaming (Afterwards I found out that pre-selected in Octoshape is the browser FireFox. Thus, people using IE would install it but still it wouldn't work. To fix this; go to the settings and select "use system standard browser" on browser settings), but the ones that actually did I'm fucking sure they were satisfied to a maximum.

I've decided that next QuakeWorld tournament at DreamHack (and probably QHLan as well), I will be attending, of course to be in the tournament as well but mostly to spectate the awesome games!

If anyone read my irc spam about recording the stream and managed to actually do so and not being total asholes, please upload it and share it to the people that didn't manage to see the stream. Besides, I'd like to see it again!

DreamHack isn't over yet though, but the QuakeWorld tournament is. Congratulations to LocKtar!!!

3 best:
* The DreamArena Extreme
* Nabbe's very very nervous English as he was interviewed by 2gd after the game.
* THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT!!! Cred to Vo0 and LuGia for playing the QW tourney as well.

3 worst:
* ParadokS dropping out (replaced by Vo0)
* No Phil commentary before the Finals Cred to Adde though for making the best of it!
* The groups. Ake Vader, with all due respect, shouldn't be that far above Locust etc. ^^

3 funniest:
* Nabbe's nervousity in the interview. Has my respect for doing it, though!!!
* bps' bore at a very essential moment of the semi-final vs LocKtar on dm4. Very tight game, LocKtar hiding in RA/YA, bps chases him from above and fires rockets at LocKtar but suddenly hits the bridge and bores.
* Phil's "Hello" to the crowd when 2gd wished him welcome to the commentary position in the Finals, ROFL!


On a final note, when the time passed 00:00, my birthday began and I am officially 20 years old which means this will be celebrated with lots and lots of strong bewerage tonight SES PÅ SYSTEMET!

Tournaments  /  13 Jun 2009, 14:58
The groupgames are on and so far I've watched two games

LocKtar vs Medar
Ake Vader vs Zalon

Appearently, the groupgames are played on only two maps. So the possible scores seem to be 2-0 or 1-1, and then you get 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie (I guess, based on what Adde said in the commentating).

The first map between LocKtar and Medar was LocKtar's pick; dm4. It was a calm rape by LocKtar, nothing out of the ordinary. However, the second map which Medar picked, Aerowalk, was a VERY TENSE game where Medar had the lead till the last 10 seconds!!! With 5~ seconds to go, LocKtar and Medar were tied but Medar didn't manage to hide until the overtime so LocKtar got the frag and the 2-0 victory in games. GG!

Ake Vader vs Zalon was not the same interesting to watch. Ake Vader handled Zalon with perfect control and won both DM2 and Aerowalk with ease.

I will keep watching and blog some more later - MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE COMMENTARIES AND GAMES AT and (teamspeak 2) !!
DreamHack  /  12 Jun 2009, 21:48
DreamHack coming up and in approximately 8 hours, things start up in Jönköping! As many others, I won't be attending the actual LAN but I'll certainly keep focus on every single thing that happens over there!

Hopefully the qw tournament will be smooth and interesting to watch, and here's my predictions - let us know yours as well!

1: LocKtar

Well, as an old real life buddy of mine and an awesome quaker I gotta put him first on the list :-) Haven't played THAT well lately, but if I know him right he's gonna pump alot of QW instead of weighs at the gym to get in perfect shape for the tourney, like people mentioned - there's money to be won! Go locketoppen!

2: Locust

Been playing alot lately from what I've seen (apart from owning me 50-0, that is...) and has been looking real strong to me. Great speed and lovely to watch, just like LocKtar. Probably hot enough for the second place (if not even the first...)

3: ParadokS

All a matter of day-shape, I guess. But as people mentioned, could get some free frags on the DM4 and stay in mega for the rest of the game and win it. Who knows? I think he gets the third place, either way. LocKtar wouldn't lose dm2/dm4 under the tournament conditions, so thats two maps for LocKtar, dm6 to ParadokS of course but I don't think ParadokS will get them kenyas. ParadokS or locust as second? Two completely different playing styles... could be interesting to see :-) I think locust shape is slightly better though.

4: bps

Well, this is more what I'd want than what I predict. Bps has such a cold playing style which is awesome to watch (if you ask me), I could sit for hours just spectating bps. Everything from nice tricks, faking or tricking the enemy in an awesome way to making a completely stupid quadbore that you can spend 10 minutes laughing at just because it looked so damn fun. SJUK UNDERHÅLLNING! I hope he gets the 4th spot. Sorry to nabbe/lakso and so on.

Rest is for the time to tell! :-)
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