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Personality and talent within QuakeWorld.
Misc  /  13 Mar 2012, 15:27
The Quakeworld scene is very small and can seem very fragile, but in fact it's been around for 16 years without dying, so I guess it's not so fragile after all. But it is in constant need of help from the community to stay alive. People like Zalon, Lornelin, the developers, tournament organizers, etc, are what's keeping it alive. I know Lornelin stepped back, but for a long time he organized QHLan etc.

Anyway, there ARE ways for the avarage quakeplayer to help the scene, without organizing tournaments or LANs.
Misc  /  11 Mar 2011, 16:35
Since this is in fact a blog, I'll go on a bit about myself and quake :-D
LANs  /  8 Nov 2010, 07:00
Unfortunately I was unlucky enough to get sick the day before QHLan was kicking off so I couldn't be there the first days, but since the coverage has been pretty nonexistant (apart from some very nice posts on esreality etc) I'll make a post about it anyway!
LANs  /  7 Sep 2010, 11:16
So finally it really seems like the new season of QuakeWorld is kicking off!
Misc  /  15 Apr 2010, 20:42
The WinnerBracket Finals has been played and the winner of the winnerbracket part of the Ownage Duel Tournament was;


Misc  /  15 Apr 2010, 00:47
Alright, appearently there's no news-post about it or anything, but the winnerbracket finals between

Milton and LocKtar

are scheduled TOMORROW, Thursday 15th of April at 21:00 CET.
Misc  /  11 Apr 2010, 23:51
We got to see some AWESOME games tonight between Milton and Valla, and especially LocKtar and Slabi! I'm sure Phil had a few orgasms commentating the dm6, a dm6lover as he is. Definetly great games to watch and I can't wait for the VoDs to be up (which appearently can take a while due to's VoD system being in beta stage) in order to watch them again!

Match no.1:
Milton vs.
Valla 2 - 0 (ztndm3: 11-7, dm6: 12-6)
Match no.2:
Slabi vs.
LocKtar 1 - 2 (dm4: 1-6, dm6: 6-4, dm2: 0-1)
Misc  /  7 Apr 2010, 01:32
Since Medar didn't have time for more previews, I figured someone had to take over so I'll try to do a little cover of it!
Misc  /  7 Feb 2010, 22:26
It's been dry for a while now. Not me, nor Sweden, but the QW scene.
DreamHack  /  28 Nov 2009, 20:34
Oh well, so DreamHack winter is over, or at least the QW part is.
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