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LANs  /  8 Nov 2010, 07:00
QHLan from home
Unfortunately I was unlucky enough to get sick the day before QHLan was kicking off so I couldn't be there the first days, but since the coverage has been pretty nonexistant (apart from some very nice posts on esreality etc) I'll make a post about it anyway!


1st place: Slackers
2nd place: The Viper Squad
3rd place: Suddendeath


1st place: bps and goblin
2nd place: Rikoll and Valla
3rd place: [tVS]Milton and [tVS]Ihminen


1st place: [tVS]Milton
2nd place: Rikoll
3rd place: bps/goblin


I watched most of the lan from home, or at least as much as I could with 40 degree fever, but I don't think I missed out on that much anyway.

The tournaments seemed to run smoothly and the most awesome about this particular QHLan was the people attending.

[tVS]Milton was there! Everybody wanted him to come and this year he did, and I'm sure we all thank him for that! But let's not forget everyone else that showed up, some real big names and even a few old guys!


from our gang were there of course ( goblin making it there even though nobody expected him to!) and almost the entire team from The Viper Squad (tVS) were there, almost the entire (if not the entire) Slackers team were there and let's not forget Sassa who returned for this QHlan, and of course ph!l and LocKtar, yeah... I'm really happy about the players that came.

I guess we're all a little sad that only Nitram (Valla) and Rikoll showed up from team Fusion, but they managed pretty well anyway!

So yeah, basically all the top active duellers and 4on4 clans were there which is a great success in my eyes! I sincerely hope that most of the people that showed up this QHlan enjoyed the event and feel like returning again next year for yet another awesome LAN!

Thanks to everyone who showed up!


About the tournaments though! Everyone expected tVS to pretty much win everything this LAN.

Expectations were without a doubt;

duel: [tVS]Milton 1st place
2on2: [tVS]Milton and [tVS]Ihminen 1st place
4on4: The Viper Squad 1st place

I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking this, but it really made the tournaments way funnier that this wasn't the outcome! I love it when underdogs perform well and win, and against these finns - anyone is an underdog.

But yeah like I said, that wasn't the outcome. Some REALLY REALLY hot games were played this LAN, two games in particular.

The finals between Slackers and The Viper Squad in the 4on4 tournament was such amazing games. Slackers taking the lead with 2-0 in won games, but tVS pulling a doublevictory on dm2 making it a 2-2 tie before the amazing e1m2 decider kicked off.

The e1m2 decider is a HAVE-TO-WATCH-game that I hope noone missed out on. The game was pretty much tied for 19 minutes and 50 seconds. At least that's how it felt like. The last 10 seconds was a THRILL to watch. Two RLs alive - murdoc and Milton - murdoc with quad - and they were BOUND to meet somewhere before the 20:00 minute mark. I can't even explain the thrill and how long the seconds felt like when they were about to meet in crossing. And guess what happens?

Murdoc kills Milton with a rocket to his face, ALMOST killing himself due to the extreme power of a quadded rocket leaving him with friggin 7 (!!!!!!!) healthpoints left. Imagine what might have happened the last 10 seconds if murdoc would have died, leaving a pack, and perhaps Milton got cross-spawn and picked the pack up? IT WAS LIKE A 5 FRAG DIFFERENCE AT THE TIME!! Was such a great ending of a great decider.

Another great game was the decider in the 2on2 semifinals between Milton/Ihminen and bps/goblin. How often does a dm4 end with a 4-frag difference? And being the deciding map? MAN!

Anyway I really really advise people to watch the demos (and/or the VODs that can be found on again and again and again and again!

The 1on1 tournament was as expected won by Milton with a pretty solid 3-1 win in the finals versus Rikoll. Rikoll did manage to get the ztndm3 game, but Milton as always, just as stable.

CONGRATULATIONS to all winners! [tVS]Milton, bps/goblin and Slackers!


Alright, enough about the tournaments. As I mentioned, I was sick so I could only attend to watch the finals and say hi to as many as possible. People are always very different in real life than over quake so it's always interesting to meet online friends or foes.

I met alot of great guys that I hadn't met before. Sassa, Zalon, Razor, ParadokS, en_karl, zero, murdoc, valla, rikoll, milton, Ihminen, peppe and the list goes on... and of course all the usual folks that I've met in the past.

I'm so sad I couldn't be there more than 5~6 hours to see the finals and prize ceremony but I enjoyed every second of when I was there! Was really great to meet everyone and I can't wait till next time.

ALRIGHT, that sort of sums some of the LAN up... guess if you've managed to read this far without falling asleep, I can be happy about the post.

Thanks to everyone who was there for making it yet another great LAN for the QuakeWorld scene!!!

And of course thanks to everyone contributing to making events like these possible. Lornelin/peppe/Zalon and the Hazard crew of course, and ph!l for the neverending commentating, also of course to the other commentators - peppe, LethalWiz and the brief commentary by Sassa! You guys are what keeps us alive!

2010-11-08, 09:10
Yeah it was definately good games and the LAN was a success. I really liked the venue, it was clean and nice. Only thing where I could see some improvement is maybe the schedule, it was just really tight and maybe it would be nice to have Sunday as gaming day too. Now everyone pretty much packed and left on Sat night already and then Sunday was just an idle day with not much to do. Graz to Slackers for winning the 4on4, well played there. Hopefully we get a revenge in EQL.
2010-11-08, 09:19
Get your revenge on next QHLAN instead! I agree with blaze on the schedule. Was a great LAN, but the late schedule due to delays earlier for the finals was tiresome. For someone used to 8-16 work days, staying awake anything later than 3 isn't great, and I had to drink some X-ray drinks just to be able to stay awake while watching the 4on4 final.

Great venue, great people, great organizing apart from the late schedules the last day (not your fault zalon, I know ) and a great overall experience. Cya next year!

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2010-11-08, 09:25
It was fun with winners from different clans in all 3 tournaments
2010-11-08, 13:48
Hm from my pov the official games went on pretty fast with not much idle time at all. It felt like we kept on playing official games all the time and no pracs or anything at all.
Maybe the problem was there was simply too much games to play? 5 4on4 group-games was maybe a bit much.
But overall a very successful LAN, including the schedule of tournaments, other LAN's have had 3 times worse schedules or not even a schedule at all.
2010-11-08, 15:19
well we could have ended earlier also if it wasn't for a 1˝ hour break in the 4on4 finals to give room for some prize ceremony from hazard lan.
2010-11-08, 16:45
^Yeah seemed a bit strange to have such a long break
In terms of playing games (finals worth $$$$) on the Sunday I think the problem is that you then get into really dangerous territory in terms of any delays that may happen due to people having planes/trains/boats/rides etc to catch. If you look at the 4on4 finals like only a couple of the players were Swedish... imagine the drama if final was to be played Sunday but then some guy oversleeps and nobody can contact him.... then one team has to packup because they gotta catch a flight to holland/hungary/whatever.... I seem to remember some kinda mega-drama in an old qhlan when the 2on2 final between Dag/Space and Griffin/Mrlame needed to be played.

Seems like the LAN was well regarded, maybe I should make better arrangements and attend next time. 4on4 final looked awesome from a spectator POV.
2010-11-08, 17:46
For me as a spectator at home this was the best qw I've seen in a while. The epicness of the 4n4 final... wow.. just wow. Big thanks to tvs and sr for that one.

In the end a tournament on LAN is always --->>> internet.
2010-11-08, 17:47
Oh and this gave me the qw itch again... I'll never get rid of the game
2010-11-08, 20:25
nice written andeh!

I need to put togheter my own thoughts after this great trip that I did in the last minute that turned out pretty fantastic.

btw. My football team WON
2010-11-08, 22:07
Nice post andeh! personally didnt spec much of QHLAN except the 4on4/1on1 finals. Especially the 4on4 final was AWESOME! Well played both teams
2010-11-09, 08:27
#6 It was qhlan5

This is from the QW Wiki:

"The 2on2 final was surrounded by controversy, after Mrlame and Griffin lost 2-0 to Dag and Space in the winners bracket they won the losers bracket. They agreed on a time to play but MrLame and Griffin didn’t show up. Then when they were back, Dag had to go as his lift home arrived. This meant that the 2on2 went to Griffin and Mrlame by WalkOver, great game."
2010-11-09, 18:27
Great article, Andeh!

But, where i can dl all those demos, ffs?! :^)
2010-11-10, 00:06
About that schedule it was pretty good but if players keep it will be easier to get rid of delays :>
My only regret is not talking more to tVS, actually Ihminen approached me sunday morning at about 5AM and we had a small talk and I got some opinions about the LAN
They tend to be the same, the opinions, that everyone liked the venue and would like to see more cooperation with Hazard since they tend to do everything very professional! From keeping the spec-area awesome to just taking the request about coffee in the kiosk :>
Thanks everyone for attending, thank you andeh for the read and showing up last minute
2010-11-10, 06:37
Seems like you're doing a great job indeed and that the date-move was a very good move! I think if next QHLAN will be as much of a success then the event will definitely become a must-not-miss-event for even the greatest doubters out there and even more people will come. I think even this event made a lot of people want to come next time. A good spiral!
2010-11-12, 17:38
I want to thank all the players and admins for making this QHlan the best I´ve experienced so far. See you next year?
Oh and next time I will bring the GRILL!
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