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DreamHack  /  12 Jun 2009, 21:48
DreamHack Summer '09
DreamHack coming up and in approximately 8 hours, things start up in Jönköping! As many others, I won't be attending the actual LAN but I'll certainly keep focus on every single thing that happens over there!

Hopefully the qw tournament will be smooth and interesting to watch, and here's my predictions - let us know yours as well!

1: LocKtar

Well, as an old real life buddy of mine and an awesome quaker I gotta put him first on the list :-) Haven't played THAT well lately, but if I know him right he's gonna pump alot of QW instead of weighs at the gym to get in perfect shape for the tourney, like people mentioned - there's money to be won! Go locketoppen!

2: Locust

Been playing alot lately from what I've seen (apart from owning me 50-0, that is...) and has been looking real strong to me. Great speed and lovely to watch, just like LocKtar. Probably hot enough for the second place (if not even the first...)

3: ParadokS

All a matter of day-shape, I guess. But as people mentioned, could get some free frags on the DM4 and stay in mega for the rest of the game and win it. Who knows? I think he gets the third place, either way. LocKtar wouldn't lose dm2/dm4 under the tournament conditions, so thats two maps for LocKtar, dm6 to ParadokS of course but I don't think ParadokS will get them kenyas. ParadokS or locust as second? Two completely different playing styles... could be interesting to see :-) I think locust shape is slightly better though.

4: bps

Well, this is more what I'd want than what I predict. Bps has such a cold playing style which is awesome to watch (if you ask me), I could sit for hours just spectating bps. Everything from nice tricks, faking or tricking the enemy in an awesome way to making a completely stupid quadbore that you can spend 10 minutes laughing at just because it looked so damn fun. SJUK UNDERHÅLLNING! I hope he gets the 4th spot. Sorry to nabbe/lakso and so on.

Rest is for the time to tell! :-)
2009-06-13, 02:02
nice predictions! although i think nabbe will make it to at least top4
2009-06-13, 02:06
I was watching him doing some 2on2 warmups tonight with para, trygve and rikoll. He hit 43% lg on dm4 and 44% on dm6, so clearly he's not rusty. :F
2009-06-13, 03:04
yeah reppie and stev, saw alot of nabbe this night and he's looking real strong... will be interesting
2009-06-13, 08:32
eveyone gets a free map win vs nabbe on aerowalk!!
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