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Misc  /  15 Apr 2010, 00:47
Ownage Winner Bracket Finals
Alright, appearently there's no news-post about it or anything, but the winnerbracket finals between

Milton and LocKtar

are scheduled TOMORROW, Thursday 15th of April at 21:00 CET.
I do not know about commentary since the day is really weird (but I'm taking it they'll be busy during the weekend and want to make the Ownage round deadline), but I know for a fact that Jehar works anyway and will not be able to cover it. Perhaps Adde is available, maybe Phil, don't know. In the future (or well, anytime really...) I will volunteer to help out with commentating but I'd rather not be an alone commentator as that's oughta suck.

Either way;

The games will definetly be broadcasted on QuakeTV so DO NOT MISS OUT ON WATCHING THE WINNER BRACKET FINALS!!!

At 21:00 Thursday, the bjud is happening! Watch my previous blogposts for previews about the players and anticipations/predictions by numerous people.

Perhaps an admin could grant me news-post-rights since appearently there's no post up about it yet and it's less than 24hours till kickoff.

I can't wait to see the games, but I'm very saddened by the fact that Jehar cannot commentate and that the games were scheduled on a Thursday evening, but I'm sure there were reasons for that as well. I sincerely hope Zalon has got time (which I know is a problem for him) to organize something - let me know if you need any help with anything that I could help out with!


2010-04-15, 07:07
What's wrong with playing qw on a thursday?
2010-04-15, 07:07
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2010-04-15, 07:47
Hagge yeah I don't get this cry about thursday, seems like a perfectly fine quake day to me! If Jehar can't make it, try to find another commentator.
2010-04-15, 08:48
Yeah, dunno why thursday would be bad either
2010-04-15, 08:49
Exactly! Better to have games spread out during the week, than having all of them on the sunday. Might be hard to get EQLs going on sunday otherwise, since there's a lot of ppl that want to watch the game etc :E Hopefully Phil can make it for this one!
2010-04-15, 09:25
It sucks like hell when your own team finally get 4 players just to find out that all opponents are watching some bullshit crapduel
2010-04-15, 10:28
If Jehar and Phil are both living in the US, then Thursday night is a terrible time commentator wise, but Thursday night is pub night anyway, so it SAAAAAAAWKS!!!

Go Lock! Go Lock!
2010-04-15, 10:46
Thursday is not necessarily a bad day for a WB final... Thursday with a 1 day warning is however a very bad day for a WB final.

Saturday would be the ideal day, as the American audience and the American would be available, and it wouldn't interfere with the Sunday games.
2010-04-15, 10:51
Well for qtv and mumble you really don't need much work. I don't know about the video stream stuff, but I think it's secondary anyway because to really enjoy the game you need qtv.
2010-04-15, 11:07
It's not about qtv, mumble or the video stream. It's about lack of time for advertising, lack of time to find commentators, lack of time to build up for the event.

Regarding the video stream, yes you are right it's better ingame using qtv, but the stream attracts 3 times as many viewers than we have on qtv, but that again needs to be advertised.

Not just that, but I'm guessing with such a late call on the day, a lot of qw players are gonna be missing the game as well, and IMHO that should not be happening with the most prestigious duel tournament in qw. Not to mention that this is probably the most anticipated match of the season.

But at least we have some good LB games coming up.
2010-04-15, 11:39
Thing is, that im leaving for luddvika on friday, and will be home sunday, very hungover... I cant play a wb final like that. and milton is going to barcelona the week after that, so we cant schedule after the weekend either, so we scheduled for today. But best for me atleast would to play next week some time.
2010-04-15, 11:41
True Zalon, but seeing how many important games in the past have had to deal with delays, walkovers etc. it's just nice to know that the players have found a date that they both can play However, maybe this is more a problem in 4on4 since it's always harder to get 8 players on the same day, than it should be in 1on1.
2010-04-15, 12:08
LocKtar, I'm not saying that today is a problem, I'm just saying that it would have been nice to have been informed about it 3 days ago.
2010-04-15, 14:00
If you ask me, Thursdays and any other day that is not during the weekend is a bad day for high-tier games like these, and will most likely get lot less viewers and the feeling just isn't the same. This time though, obviously, there were many reasons for the game to be played today.

So locketoppen, stop typing here and get ready !!

Myself don't mind watching QW on thursdays, thursdays are like any other day for me, but there are people from the outside world who actually enjoys watching quakeworld and having Jehar as a commentator, who's got fans of his own, brings more spectators that wants to watch his commentary and so on, it's a long chain of ways to get more viewers which is something I strive (and most others too) for to get!

BUT, things are as they are! Good luck to both the players!!
2010-04-15, 14:03
Though, 5 hours left and no post on the news section of - is a major setback
2010-04-15, 14:25
At work... :/
2010-04-15, 14:25
Off-topic: Locke what are going to do in Ludvika?
2010-04-15, 15:00
Isn't Lud shortened from Luder? ;P
2010-04-15, 15:02
Andeh as news writer for, yes please. GL nu locke!
2010-04-15, 16:15
Posted it on ESR @

If someone wants to post news on ESR then it's possible for anyone - the admins just have to major it (me, Zalon and Ruskie have the possibility to major stuff for example so they show up on the front page).

An excellent opportunity for a news writer wanting to make him-/herself and Quakeworld heard in front of an interested and potentially convertable audience.
2010-04-15, 16:39
I've been granted newsrights now on so that will not be a problem (thanks JohnNy_cz) anymore. Thanks though Åke !! Puss
2010-04-15, 20:37
Moon, det är fest! 2 dagars bjud jag åker dit med några polare, super till sen hem på söndag
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