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Misc  /  7 Feb 2010, 22:26
It's been dry for a while now. Not me, nor Sweden, but the QW scene.
A tournament of importance to start would be great for another bump, but I think I read somewhere that signups for another Ownage start soon? That's great, perfect timing as I think everyone can feel the feeling when not much is happening but random pracs on wgz really. It's not very pleasant... Give me tournament finals with Jehar! That's something I can watch for hours. Quakeworld finals with a good commentator. No offence to Phil or adde or anyone who has ever commentated something I've watched, but Jehar is by far the best one.

Somehow people speak differently. Jehar is as "taught" how to commentate. Usually non-"professional" commentators end up saying some small thing that is going on and usually giving opinions about if an armor is up or if someone fails at something or so. It usually, in my opinion, end up incredibly boring. But Jehar, just as other good commentators commentate in a very different way and keep the viewer updated of pretty much everything all the time. Even without speaking fast!

So, if you ask me - bring Jehar to every single final in whatever tournament. Would do great for QuakeWorld. Hell, I'd even want a commentator when watching QTV of pracgames. Hehe!

Of course Jehar needs a sidekick which is important, but I think it shouldn't be the same person all the time. Adde was damn nice to hear the first times, but it got boring after a while. A little bit too repetetive (try to say that word fastly many times). Invite good players to commentate with Jehar, different for every game! Would be so great. Of course, not all players feel confident in commentating as their English might not be great, but I'm sure some people can speak proper English. Besides, Jehar does the most of the talking! So don't be discouraged because of bad English skills! Jehar will do the spam-talk and the side kick should simply comment when he feels it appropriate.

Imagine having all the top players (perhaps even a rookie or two? I know I'd definetly do it if I was asked) commentating a game each every time there are huge official games. Would be awesome!!

Bleh, now I'm gonna enjoy this hangover and wait patiently for the next tournament!! Oh and we also await Adde's duel tourney grand prix thingy!

Man the future looks bright right now!
2010-02-07, 23:09
The tournaments, they are coming one by one. If everything goes as it should this will become the most active season of Quakeworld in several years. Now normally everything doesn't go as it should so everything planned won't happen but the season will be very active.

As for Jehar, great guy, great commentator, I really like him but we can't depend on him. We need more commentators, just people who feel like spending an hour every now and then and we need more streamers. If you have 10Mbit up you can stream a game and do commentary using something like Ustream relatively easy. We do not want to get into a situation where if Jehar or/and Zalon doesn't have time we won't get anything done.
2010-02-08, 07:38
Jehar/TooGood = Wambamshazam
Gaz = Wambamshazam/Expert opinions
Hangtime/Xerial/Phil = Expert Opinions

Imo you either need the gazmaster or one of the both extremes
2010-02-08, 08:02
whatever happened to djwheat?
2010-02-08, 09:33
DjWheat is doing Quake Live stuff and Live on 3.
2010-02-08, 09:50
okay, i liked it when he commented some duel with reppie vs someone on aerowalk
2010-02-08, 15:07
Xerial & Jehar would be my dream team.
2010-02-09, 05:56
Wish I had heard Xerial but I haven't

But I would love to hear him, just not always! I want the sidekick to be different every time! Invite Locust, bps, LocKtar, Milton, whoever of the div0 boys! Would be just awesome =)
2010-02-09, 08:11
zappater wrote:
We need more commentators

We do indeed, unfortunately people don't seem to want to do it. I ask on IRC, in news posts, in every demo pack - I even hack in static messages on for people I know is good at it (Hangtime). But it simply doesn't give much feedback, so either I'm doing something wrong, or people are just not interested.

zappater wrote:
we need more streamers

Why? Having a stream is cool, but if the game is not advertised in advance there is really no point, you'll get close to zero viewers as qw players will want to use qtv.

zappater wrote:
If you have 10Mbit up you can stream a game and do commentary using something like Ustream relatively easy.

Ok? "relatively easy", is that something you've tried yourself, or is that just a guess? Because I at least didn't find it relatively easy, and I'm sure Jehar will agree. We both have bought a ton of hardware and used a very long time setting things up to get it to look just somewhat decent. Unfortunately for Jehar, all the hardware and time in the world can help him with his low upload rate, and that is why I stream all the QuakeWorld matches.

However if you want something easy to use, then is just click and cast, but it's pretty crap quality :/

zappater wrote:
We do not want to get into a situation where if Jehar or/and Zalon doesn't have time we won't get anything done.

I can't remember a single game that wasn't scheduled 5minutes before it was played, that we didn't have a stream for, if there's been a demand for a stream (game has been advertised in advance), there's been a stream. So let's not worry about something that isn't even a problem.

Regarding getting into such a situation, then I've started building a streaming setup that doesn't require someone to actually be there to control it, I'm going to dump it on a 25/25mbit connection and let the commentators be able to start it. It's not done yet tho, as I'm still saving up for some of the more expensive hardware parts.

Hooraytio wrote:
whatever happened to djwheat?

As zappater said, he is doing some QL casting and some podcasts via his website.
I've spoken with him numerous times, as well as 2GD and some other casters from other games (mainly QL), and many of them are indeed interested in doing some QW casting, but so far no properly scheduled games have been available for setting up such a thing.

I guess my point with this whole rant is, that if league admins would just stop worrying about stream/commentators/coverage, and start worrying about what they should... eg. getting their top games scheduled in proper time - Then we can start seeing some quality coverage for all the great games we have.
2010-02-09, 08:34
Zalon I was talking about stuff like livestream mostly, bad quality but its better than nothing. I also know that you haven't missed a game, my point is if you and jehar for whatever reason would decide to quit we would not have anyone capable of streaming anymore. Two people that if they quit would put the streaming and commentary of QW matches back at least a year.

We have the same situation with admins, there are three-five admins that if they quit could mean 6 months without tournaments. Its not a good situation to rely on so few people to keep a community running.
2010-02-09, 11:53
Please bring in Pektopah more times too, he's awesome!
2010-02-10, 22:15
zappater: Very true, and many of these "three-five admins" are very dependent on others, so if people like Zalon would drop out it would be chaos
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