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Misc  /  7 Apr 2010, 01:32
Ownage Semi-finals preview
Since Medar didn't have time for more previews, I figured someone had to take over so I'll try to do a little cover of it!
We saw some great Quarter finals! LocKtar beat xpr pretty solidly, but slabi did the seemingly impossible and beat Locust to advance to the semi-finals! Slabi is doing a great job, beating out huge names like Avenger and Locust, who are both real top players. Milton beat Xenic which was pretty expected, but Valla managed to beat Rikoll who I had expected to win that game! A special 'ze omg' goes to both slabi and Valla for their performances in the quarter finals!

So about the upcoming games;

Milton vs. Valla

Finland vs Sweden! As all expects, Milton will most likely take this home, but Valla is insanely good on dm6 and could probably get that map. If he plays tactively enough, there's definetly a chance to win which he showed us in the quarterfinals! But as always, Milton is the favourite.

LocKtar vs. slabi

This is more interesting though, at least if you ask me! slabi has done a GREAT effort beating players like Avenger and Locust, and has impressed me extremely. This kurwa dm6-always-makes-pipe-gl-jump-pro will get another huge opportunity to show how well and tactical he really can play. As we've seen, slabi plays a very very tactical game and is great at hiding and then suprising his opponent. Who knows if it works here? The problem might be that LocKtar probably is one of the best hunters in the world, so csing might be very hard to succeed with. Slabi's shape is definetly top notch, and I am unsure of LocKtar's shape. I'd favor LocKtar, still, due to experience and great nerves for tournaments (which I'm unsure if slabi has), but if slabi manages to play his game and not get drawn into LocKtar's, there's definetly a HUGE chance of advancing to the WB finals! Worth mentioning, however this game ends, slabi should be extremely proud of his performance this Ownage round.


Apart from the WB semifinals, the LB games are getting hotter and hotter and will soon be worth covering as well. So stay tuned!

Good luck to the players,

2010-04-07, 01:35
Also, if someone knows when (or if) these games are scheduled, please post that here!
2010-04-07, 04:08
Just found out the games will be played on Sunday the 11th! Two semi-finals in a row, probably starting around 20:00-21:00 CET, with Milton vs Valla being the first game, and LocKtar vs slabi right afterwards! Let's hope for Jehar commentary (Zalon, time to work the magic? ) and awesome games!!! Don't miss it!
2010-04-07, 06:20
gw Andeh, will be interesting to see the outcome of these games
2010-04-07, 06:32
Pew Pew!
2010-04-07, 06:53
Gonna try hard to make sure I got time to watch this.
2010-04-07, 07:10
Valla - Slabi WB-final? Seems very unlikely, but nothing would surprise me anymore with those two
2010-04-07, 08:55
haha valla-slabi would be great in wb-final, bet noone could've predicted that :E think you are right about both games.. they both seem to have a clear winner, but the suprise factor is at its maximum!

"the LB games are getting hotter and hotter and will soon be worth covering as well."
- wrong, they are already hot enough to cover! get busy andeh :E
2010-04-08, 08:13
I'm a little bit worried about Locktar, although I consider him to be better, he tends to get in trouble about this kind of tactical players (like vs .zero at qhlan).

Tactical is not the right word, though. I always thought tactical means short-term decisions, while strategy involves long-term decisions and wider game plans. So... in my picture, tactics are the instrument for achieving a strategic goal
2010-04-08, 08:22
Milton - Valla should be interesting... if I get the map choosing system right, Milton will probably choose aero/ztndm3 and win it, and lets just say for the sake of argument that Valla will pick dm6 and win it (although this could be way harder than it seems). What then? Valla will probably drop aero and ztn, and Milton will drop dm6 and... ? what if he drops dm6 and dm2 and gets dm4 as a decider? ^^ Anyway, this will be really HARD for Valla, but as hagge said, the surprise factor is at its peak, no doubt about it !

I just figured out that the semis may be best of 5, is that the case?
2010-04-08, 08:59
If Valla wins DM6, a DM4 decider is very probable. Locktars shape will also be interesting, and specially vs defensive players like Slabi one big mistake might be enough. Gonna be really fun to watch these games, with two well known duel masters vs two underdogs.

I think you're pretty spot on on your definition of strategy and tactics, btw :-)
2010-04-08, 10:05
Nice input NoobyWanKenooby, when can we see you write the predictions? I definately think Milton will choose aero considering how weak Valla looked there vs Mawe, and there is no question about Valla choosing dm6. I'm not sure about dm4 as decider though. We haven't yet seen any top notch players go at it against Valla on that map, so it's hard to see how well he can perform there. However, in a prac game against bps he got beaten with 35-13 and considering how bps was totally destroyed by Milton here, it should be a map for Valla to avoid. I think Milton will throw away dm6 and dm2/ztndm3. Valla will throw aero/dm4, so it will all come down to Milton to decide the last map. Of course this will only be the scenario if Valla even manage to win dm6, or maybe he will also take down Milton on aero considering the high suprise factor :E

About Locktar I'm sure he will be in good shape as always when it's time for an important game. If you look at qwstats you can see that he has played quite a few duels against good competitors lately, and even if the suprise factor is big here as well, I'm sure he will be able to pull it off :E
2010-04-08, 10:23
Div0 Hagge has spoken! I, however, disagree (omg!). Valla can beat anyone on dm4, but it is not in his hands anyway. Wouldn't put too much of thought into a single prac game vs another good player. I think the milton - valla game will go as this:

Milton picks ztn, and valla picks dm6. Ztn is played first, so milton can toss last in case of a decider + get some psychological advantage in case of a rape. Milton will win ZTN. On dm6, I actually think Valla is slightly stronger, but the outcome is really unclear. If Valla manages to take this map, the tossing starts. Valla will toss ztn and aero, and Milton toss dm6 and, most probably, dm2. I don't really think Valla has a choice of what to toss, and I do think Milton want to avoid a DM2 decider and clearly don't want to play DM6 again if he just lost it. So dm4 decider is the obvious way if Valla wins Dm6 imo.
2010-04-08, 11:44
Now for the drama, I think I've seen Milton destroying Valla in a prac game on dm6 too I considered the possibility that Valla played consciously played it weaker than he could have, to let Milton think he has the advantage there. Of course, maybe it's just me being paranoid, but I guess it's not something to be overlooked. It has advantages and disadvantages: on one hand, you deceive the other player, on the other hand, you grant him some moral advantage upon you... what do you guys think, have you ever done this in your qw career ? ^^
2010-04-08, 12:42
I do it in about 99% of my games, and then when it really matters I strike with full force I actually just found those scores also on the qwstats page, the only reason I didn't see them before was of course because Valla was fakenicking as always :E Doesn't look good for Valla, but maybe he was underperforming as NWK (yes, that's what you will be known as from now on) said 8) 76-5, 57-13, 41-7, 25-21 on dm4, 37-5 on dm6 and 60-9 on ztndm3 definately makes it look a bit dark for Valla!
2010-04-08, 14:41
Well Hagge then just make sure you loose all the prac games against me so you will be able to own me in a tournament match! But be advised, losing against me tends to be somehow difficult ^^
2010-04-08, 15:09
Only played poorer for that purpose once, and that was during a ZTN prac vs BPS on QH-Lan. I somehow doubt Valla played poorer on purpose vs milton also, specially concidering he fakenicked (sure it was valla?). Also abit unsure how he would benefit on letting Milton feel he has the advantage on DM6, since thats Vallas obvious pick anyway.

My reason on QH-Lan was simply to hope that bps wouldn't prac on ztn more, since that map kinda was my strength on that LAN.
2010-04-08, 16:16
Hehe sneaky Rikoll! Yes, sure it was him since he used his fakenick sanvean :E I don't think Valla could do poor games, he always seems to be trying his hardest. We will see on sunday what will happen 8)
2010-04-09, 08:43
I think milton has got the best nerves for winning the whole contest
2010-04-09, 09:17
Nerves of steel I tell ya!
2010-04-10, 20:47
Over the last 2-3 years I have more or less lost interest in watching (and playing) duels, but I am actually REALLY looking forward to these games.

Although I can totally understand why Milton was hesitant about signing up, I am really glad that he did. And although I'm fairly confident Milton will win this game, I'm very much looking forward to seeing how Valla will deal with this. It also makes me wonder why Valla never (really) bothered playing duels before this!
Also great to see Slabi get so far. And as you correctly mentioned, he actually had to work quite hard to get there. It's not like he was lucky and just happened to be in an 'easy' part of the bracket. Hot!
As for the LB, I'm happy to see Zepp is still in the competition there. Everyone was surprised when he did so incredibly well in Ownage #2 and, although very successful the first time, I'm pretty certain that not many people out there believed he could pull it off AGAIN. But he did! Слава Зепп!
2010-04-10, 21:24
i'm suprised how many people are suprised by valla's performance before he went inactive he must have been (one of) the best player(s) out there for a pretty long time
2010-04-11, 01:50
I'm surprised by Valla's performance!
I'm surprised by Milton deciding to sign in!

I'm even more surprised by Reppie's absence from the tournament

Just kiddin' but I'd wish Reppie were in, too
2010-04-11, 07:02
Yeh, but valla was like a super hot div0 tdm star. I can't recall him playing duels or being any good at it?
Anyways, i'm very happy he's back as he improved 4n4 competition and 1n1 competition.
2010-04-11, 11:02
I don't think valla was ever considered a top dueler before this tournament, hence the surprise. There's many good tdm players that are completely hopeless in dueling, so tdm alone doesn't mean much.
2010-04-11, 11:09
Valla played some nice duels way back in some qhlan, but other than that I don't think he has been playing any duels. Seems like he's only played very few practise games also, so it's not like he is really trying to improve :E
2010-04-11, 13:37
Didn't valla get to the final of a duel tournament held in the summer of 2007? Doom won the tournament and if I'm not completely mistaken it was 3-2 against valla.
2010-04-11, 14:01
Milton is correct. Came 2nd before players like ParadokS and Bulat. If it was 2-3 vs Doom as well, I'm not sure what would actually qualify as a duel star. As for dm2, dm4 and dm6, Valla is one of the best around imo.
2010-04-11, 19:29
Nice, I was obviously unaware of this.

Shame doom doesn't play anymore tho.
2010-04-11, 22:44
sure there are many 'good tdm player' who are aweful at 1on1 blaze, but im pretty sure if you're THAT good at tdm, you have to be good in 1on1 as well
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