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LANs  /  7 Sep 2010, 11:16
QHLAN is soon here!
So finally it really seems like the new season of QuakeWorld is kicking off!
People are coming back from their (annoying) summerbreaks, but we all welcome them warmly, don't we? Milton and others have been playing the last week and seems to want to get back in good shape, there are loads of mixes going on both daytime and nighttime, sometimes more than 1-2 at the same time!

Things are starting to look good, the EQL12 signups seem to be going good and hopefully soon we'll hear something about Ownage #4 as well!

Even REPPIE has been somewhat "active" the last week(s), playing a few games with us in SD together with bps, goblin, mawe, lakso and m0lle mostly. Of course, rustier than he probably ever been, but I don't think he needs much time to become the dangerous machine he can be!! He's also signed for EQL12 and will be playing games there! Awesome, isn't it?

One I haven't seen practicing yet though is LocKtar, the slacker. I guess you automatically start slacking when you've found ... girls ... oh well. He'll definetly start off soon anyway.

There's been loads of pracs lately as well. I don't think I've ever seen Slackers prac this much! Many pracs a day versus various clans! Maybe this is a sign of them wanting to be a real good challenge to tVS in this EQL? That would be awesome indeed!

About pracs... the EQL Ladder went okay in the start of the summer. We played pretty much with our team uTiT (utan Trosor i Tyrolen) in the beginning, but later people went travelling and stuff so things kinda slowed down. I'm not sure if the other teams played much, but it seems the deeper into the summer we went - the less playing of the ladder. But it was very fun in the start of the summer anyway!

Alright so let's try to get to the point...

QHLAN is soon coming up! 2 months to go!

Wow, I am SO pumped up about that! Remember how huge this LAN is going to be with the help of the Hazard crew and the awesome information we've been given about it! Currently there are 74 Pro-Gaming Quakeworld players signed up, but hopefully that will raise even more as many prolly haven't understood how to sign up at their homepage.

To sign up: go to, register, and sign up! It's easy!

The more players that come, the merrier! As bps would say; "any quakeworld player that doesn't show up for the LAN is a disgrace for the scene".

Of course, you might not be able to come because of serious reasons - but there are two months left before the LAN kicks off so there's still plenty of time to organize travels and so on! It will be a JÄVLIGT BRA FEST!

Remember, there are 22.500SEK in prizes...

November the 4th at 12:00 CET the doors open! WE'LL SEE YOU ALL THERE, WON'T WE?!

Happy fraggin'!!!

2010-09-07, 11:31
22500 SEK! That's 2 vodkas! j/k gooo eql!
2010-09-07, 12:18
Giev ownage #4! And LAN... MMmmm.. LAN.
2010-09-07, 12:31
22500 SEK is about 2300 EURO, dunno what expensive vodka you buy Faustov...
2010-09-07, 12:40
it's pretty much a month payoff, stop working in november and make sure to win!
2010-09-07, 12:41
I have an idea, let's put all the prize money to 4on4 tournament? Ok, great.
2010-09-07, 12:48
Yeah blaze, lets put all the money into the least exciting tournament there!
2010-09-07, 12:49
Billy's and Jolt coke... and a Rikoll that never sleeps, mmm let's LAN again!
2010-09-07, 12:51
Least exciting? Thanks to duels no one will have trouble sleeping at the lan.
2010-09-07, 12:55
I'm sure a substancial part of that money will go into the 4on4 tourney blAze. Does that mean we will see you there?

As for Slackers, it sure looks like they want to give tVS a hard run this season. Hopefully they can keep the activity up and we'll get a nice 5 mapper in the final (if both teams even make it there) :E
2010-09-07, 12:56
Thats not my point Show a list of the 4on4 teams attending and ill guarantee you that, before the tournament even started, everyone knows which team that'll win. Espacially if the team that hasnt lost a pracc in 2 years attends
2010-09-07, 12:56
"..playing a few games with us in SD.." - I didn't know you had joined SD andeh? Why hasn't there been a news post about this at
2010-09-07, 12:57
Maybe you can be in the winning team if you and your team starts to play some more pracs mawe? 8) Time to make some $$$$
2010-09-07, 12:59
Aha, just saw that blAze and diki is already signed to qhlan. Good stuff! What about the rest of tVS?
2010-09-07, 13:03
Heh I'm just kidding, it's not about the money. Yeah I think we have a team coming. Playing at lan is always very, very different so I wouldn't expect similar results as in online tournaments.
2010-09-07, 13:04
I think SD could do well because they have a lot of players who are used to play in lan conditions.
2010-09-07, 13:07
Could you please explain what is so different blAze? Do you mean that you are so used to play at your desk at home, that you can't play at the same level at a lan? Or that you are not going to be able to bring your super top notch screen, so you have to rent a crappy one?
2010-09-07, 13:08
Yeah I always struggle at lans because I can't get the setup the same way as in home. Then there are players like maga who can play from a sofa with a kb in his lap...
2010-09-07, 13:09
monitor (if rented), chair, height of table, light, sounds, annoying ppl etc etc
2010-09-07, 13:10
Good thing blAze!! Bring as many as possible!!

Hagge - I was recruited but not really in startelvan yet Still a padawan learning my ways in 4on4!
2010-09-07, 13:14
You can see my home setup here

Basically at lans especially getting enough table space in front of the screen to get your elbows on the table is often hard because of the limited space. Maybe with LCDs it's a little bit easier nowadays than it used to be.
2010-09-07, 13:18
Also I guess I need to buy closed headphones for that. :S
2010-09-07, 13:21
I see Andeh

Well I believe that might be true blAze. LANs always affect people differently. Personally I think I have mostly performed better at LANs. I thought it was funny at dreamhack where everything was just so much better for me than at home. 2000 fps on LCD screen gave me the smoothest qw I have ever experienced. Too bad I was just too lazy to upgrade my gaming gear when I came home, and now it's even worse since I play on a laptop without an external monitor
2010-09-07, 13:28
Yeah exactly. Some people adjust better to changing conditions and thus do better at lans. So I think anything could happen in the lan games. If you look at Rikoll's setup for example, for me it would be completely impossible to play like that, but it's good for lans because it doesn't require table space.
2010-09-07, 13:38
you're definetly right blAze, but its not enough of an excuse for anyone not to come!

thing is, I don't think people should only come to perform well in the tourneys. I don't have a chance of winning anything at all in the tournaments, does that mean I should not go there? No!

The reason I go is because of the community, to contribute to the scene! The more people that come, the more attention the LAN will get, the more motivated the good players will be, more spectators will be interested in watching Quakeworld games, the more people that come, the more it will help the entire Quakeworld scene.

This is the biggest reason why I think people should come! And of course, if you are skilled in either of the brackets, you might have a chance of winning some cash as well
2010-09-07, 13:39
Also gotta add that if people that are too lazy or preoccupied with something else see that there was a great interest in the LAN, the next LAN would bring even more people, and suddenly we'd have a GOOD spiral of happenings instead of a bad one. You see my point?
2010-09-07, 13:49
Yeah exactly hagge, I'll come just to meet the people etc, if it's not possible to play from there we can always go drinking or whatever. Either way it will be fun!
2010-09-07, 13:58
that's the spirit blAzinen!
2010-09-07, 15:21
Hooraytio: Don't forget the Swedish alcohol tax of 20000 SEK

As for me, I wanted to go but seems impossible now, will be in the middle of refurbing my new flat ;( Have lots of fun guys.
2010-09-07, 21:48
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