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Professional League (16)

Sweden  locust 1
France  speedball 2
Sweden  bps 3
Ireland  lordlame 4
Sweden  greco 5
Norway  trygve 6
Finland  kip 7
Canada  BLooD_DoG 8
Spain  dev 9
Poland  er 10
Russia  VVD 11
Ukraine  Timon 12
United States  Bold Huge Crunch 13
Ukraine  gloomy 14
Portugal  hammer 15
Finland  LuGia 16

List of 4

Brazil  GT 1
Sweden  locust 5
Ireland  lordlame 9
Great Britain  sae 13
Norway  baresi 17
Russia  Billy The Kid 21
Australia  yeti 25
Great Britain  HangTime 29
Sweden  z0mbie90 33
France  R1zla 37
Denmark  Valde 41
Norway  ocoini 45
United States  JediSpam 49
United States  R1chter 53
United States  BogoJoker 2
Canada  BLooD_DoG 6
Norway  Macisum 10
Poland  Er 14
Finland  Lugia 18
Chile  Angrod 22
Australia  harlsom 26
Australia  dracs 30
Denmark  Zalon 34
Germany  Anni 38
Sweden  skurk 42
Russia  Evil 46
United States  Bloxy 50
United States  Hailst0rm 54
Sweden  LocKtar 3
Russia  Bulat 7
Australia  dirtbox 11
Brazil  dev 15
Finland  kip 19
United States  serp 23
Sweden  Igggy 27
Sweden  lurq 31
Great Britain  RaggA 35
France  bleader 39
United States  Sooint 43
Great Britain  Nautilus 47
United States  king_of_dm1 51
Australia  spekyr 55
Sweden  bps 4
Australia  Reload 8
Portugal  nitemare 12
Sweden  greco 16
Brazil  x1bot 20
Portugal  hammer 24
Ukraine  Nidweyr 28
Sweden  tumult 32
Great Britain  Turbo 36
Germany  andy 40
Sweden  alice 44
Brazil  Homer0 48
Brazil  anik 52
Brazil  marcelo 56

Casual League (48)

Great Britain  DOG_SACRIFICE seed
Portugal  mushi seed
Poland  tiall seed
Poland  blassy seed
Norway  Abraxas seed
Poland  mission seed
Russia  Empwnz seed
Portugal  diehuman seed
Germany  D0PESK1LLZ seed
Sweden  Hoek seed
Great Britain  RaggA seed
United States  blahx seed
Norway  baresi seed
Brazil  x1bot seed
Great Britain  yamazaki seed
Canada  viag seed
Sweden  tummen seed
Germany  rghst seed
Norway  ocoini seed
Lithuania  ton seed
Great Britain  Turbo seed
United States  Serp seed
Russia  wakecold seed
Great Britain  sae seed
Denmark  Valde seed
Denmark  Zalon seed
Sweden  fourier seed
Russia  multibear seed
Ireland  skulker seed
Sweden  ZkilfinG seed
Poland  glinski seed
Sweden  Abound seed
United States  Lord Reven seed
Germany  qirex seed
Serbia  LjuBomb seed
Hungary  Snow seed
United States  RuSS seed
France  Jeanne_Calment seed
Poland  lolek seed
Sweden  empezar seed
Finland  LKO seed
Poland  am3is seed
Czech Republic  cuky seed
Great Britain  pixols seed
TBD  carb0n seed
United States  ginzberg seed
TBD  blindcant seed