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dracula, dracs, drax
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Dracula, later known as dracs, is an Australian Quakeworld player from Victoria, Australia. He took to First Person Shooter’s naturally at the age of 11, playing Duke Nukem 3D at the highest level and notes that he never lost a 1 on 1 game against the various dialup modem players who were available in Victoria at the time.

In 1996, when Quake was released, he switched games and became a prominent player in Australia in all forms of the game. He was recruited by then, the most popular and established clan, the “Tormented Souls”. He remained a consistent player from this period right up until 2008 where his availability to play lessened and he was no longer an active player.

In February 2020, dracs returned to the QuakeWorld scene and has since remained active. During the COVID-19 pandemic he was one of the most active QuakeWorld players in Australia and also established himself as one of the key figures in Australian QuakeWorld by learning the ropes of streaming and casting, which then inspired him to run a series of grudge matches and tournaments for the Australian Players in Australian DM2 Showdown 1.

He now sits, internationally, as one of the leading streamers and commentators for QuakeWorld matches and tournaments around the world, and is a much loved and respected asset to the International Quake scene. Dracs was a regular player in Australian FFA servers and Duel servers and gained valuable experience by competing against a lot of Australia's top players in duel. He was frequently practicing with the likes of Australia Reload, Australia StinG, Australia Venom, Australia dirtbox, Australia Mortuary, among others. He attended the Impulse 98 LAN (at 14 years old) at the Royal Melbourne Show Grounds and was a frequent competitor at the various LANs held in Victoria in Quake’s first 10 years of existence.

Return to QW in 2020

After his return, dracs soon became one of the top Australian duellers and Team Deathmatch players, representing his country in the GetQuad! Nations Cup, and going deep into the QuakeCon 2020 and Duelmania Worldwide tournaments (both international tournaments).

When dracs puts the time in, he is a world class DM2 dueller and can beat anyone on his day
    — Australia dirtbox


Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Inv. mouse? Yaw Accel. Rate
Glorious Model D (Grip Tape) 2160 19.2 7.6 900 2.4 6/11 yes 0.022 0 500 Hz

2020 Claims to Fame

  • Organised the first Australian draft league for 4on4 in years (3 teams)
  • Organised the grudge match between Australia KF and Australia Murd on dm2
  • Had a huge influence and part in organising the initial international 4on4 games after QuakeCon@Home
  • Played for the Australian team in the GetQuad! Nations Cup
  • Took maps off Australia Reload on dm2, Australia dirtbox on dm2 and dm4 (but never in competition setting).
  • Please note that all wins against Australia dirtbox were due to "playing like a faggot" & "lucky spawns" which can be confirmed by the demos.

2021 Claims to Fame


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2021 A55th Duelmania DownUnder 2021 1on1
2020 B717 - 24th QuakeCon 2020 1on1
2020 A99 - 12th Duelmania DownUnder 2019 1on1


Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Inv. mouse? Yaw Accel. Raw input?
Mionix  (Naos QC Mouse) 1720 19 7.5 800 2.15 6/11 yes 0.028 0 1


dracs play style in his early days was a very tight and slow style, with very good RL combat however his LG let him down. His best map was by far dm2 due to his RL ability and knowledge of the map. His movement skills were fairly solid, and he was able to make most of the standard rocket jumps that were required on each map. Upon his return in 2020, Dracs made significant changes to his playstyle and his movement/ability to get around the map and make advanced rocket jumps, especially on dm2, assisted him in becoming an even better player. He finished 17th in QuakeCon@Home and at the conclusion of this, shifted his full attention to 4on4 and has grown his skillset in this mode considerably. He seeked the assistance of Finland Milton, to help grow his 4on4 game and dracs credits this to his gigantic improvement in this form of the game and his ability to commentate 4on4 with experienced articulation.

Personal Life

Dracs is a notable Tennis Player, who credits his initial time spent playing QuakeWorld as a teenager to his need to stay at home and rest for tennis tournaments/practice. This helped him avoid partying and pleased his parents a great deal. He achieved a ranking of number 16 in the country as a junior, however due to shoulder troubles in his late teens, he didn't pursue a career in tennis that he always wanted.

In 2015, dracs first and only child was born and is a highly competitive Fortnite player at just 8 years old. He uses the handle ‘sonofdracs’. dracs also enjoys running, working out, table tennis and in his 20s and early 30s, completed multiple half-marathons. He also enjoys recording vocals and has released a few cover songs on YouTube.


dracs twitch account (twitch.tv/dracsqw) features a great amount of content he has produced since his return to QuakeWorld in 2020. Ever the entertainer, there are various clips and highlights on there to enjoy, together with some very high quality streams of his own gaming, and commentating others. He enjoys a great relationship with andeh from suddendeathtv, and credits his early interest in streaming and commentating to being extremely impressed with andeh’s content. The two will join together and host QHLAN2024 which is a mouth-watering casting panel.


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