Quake Nations Cup 2009

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Czech Quake is trying to organise biggest and best action by connecting all Quake scenes across and try to set up cooperation between all Quake scenes.


  • Games: QuakeWorld TDM, Quake 2 TDM, Quake 3 TDM, Quake 4 TDM
  • Last day to sign up is 25th January 2009.
  • First rounds of games will start on 1st February 2009.
  • Official website: Quake Nations Cup
  • Idea, organization: Hawrix
  • QW Admin: JohnNy_cz and Zappater

Signed Nations (QW)

Flag cz.gif Czech Republic - JohnNy_cz, Flamer, itmik, shpeq, jebak, Fr4g, cuky
Flag de.gif Germany - cyr, 123, spoink, knast, pattah, iba, duce, Soma, Tuna, ChrisVicious
Flag ru.gif Russia - B1aze, bublik, SS, Bulat, Gor, Opha, XN, Del
Flag hu.gif Hungary - zero, milamber, orion, crash, stevens, stevens
Flag nl.gif The Netherlands - purity, reppie, murdoc, dragon, skillah, springs
Flag se.gif Sweden - XantoM, bps, riker, locktar, lakso, phrenic, molecule, razor, votary, krab, bps
Flag pl.gif Poland - tom, plate, blasp, derek, insane, panczo, pooll, slabi, Lan Catcher
Flag fi.gif Finland - fifi, fix, milton, blaze, ihminen, hlt
Flag dk.gif Denmark - Zalon, ParadokS, CrazyMac, jerry, niw, desmo, whimp, face
Flag no.gif Norway - TheChosenOne, PreMortem, Timmi, Arnette, Trygve, Rikoll, Jaco, tr0ll


For all playoff games see the Quake Nations Cup 2009 Results page.


Team #1 Result Team #2
Finland Flag fi.gif 3 - 0 Flag nl.gif The Netherlands
242 DM2 137
297 E1M2 140
259 DM3 82


Group A
Flag ru.gif Russia
Flag fi.gif Finland
Flag de.gif Germany
Flag pl.gif Poland
Flag cz.gif Czech

Group B
Flag nl.gif Netherlands
Flag no.gif Norway
Flag dk.gif Denmark
Flag se.gif Sweden
Flag hu.gif Hungary

Rules & Settings


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