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Probably one of the most thanked QuakeWorld players. Anyone trying to find anything QW related (movies, sites, leagues) that didn't give out a "Special Thanks To" 1-2-3 (or 1Qw--.png2Qw--.png3 in-game) would have serious problems. But 1-2-3 has meant more to QuakeWorld than just his help behind the scenes. He was one of the founding members of the German clan Imperial Bounty Hunterz, with whom he won numerous German tournaments. When the Imperial Bounty Hunterz went inactive, 1-2-3 temporarily disappeared from competitive teamplay as well. But he didn't last long. The urge to play again became too great when he was asked to join Firing Squad. And despite his long inactivity and some connection problems, he helped Firing Squad win the NQR Invitational Classic Cup and beat their all-time rivals Slackers by playing some great games and making the decisive 2 frags in that cup's final.


  • Real name: Christiaan
  • Date of birth: December 23, 1977
  • Nationality: Flag de.gif German
  • Current clan: Flag nl.gif Firing Squad
  • First spawned: 1996
  • Colors:   0     4  
  • Map: DM6


1-2-3 was introduced to Quake by a friend, who had simply shown him the alpha of "some new id game". He wasn't instantly hooked however, thinking the game was too dark. It wasn't until he and his friend realised you could play online that he seriously got into it - playing on a 33.6 modem with 15fps, iceskating around unknown maps.

Clan history



  • 1-2-3's colors are based on his favorite football team, Mainz 05.

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