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E-sport site created and maintained by Sujoy and others since 2001. Since the start it has offered content on competitive gaming and so called "E-Sports" and the game it all began with on the site was Quake 3 Arena. The idea behind the site is that it relies on user supplied content. Anyone can write news, columns and articles - then admins make sure they apply to the posting guidelines on the site and maybe also edit the post a bit to follow a theme.

So, this is an E-sport site - why have it in this wiki?

Although ESReality mainly focus on the new PC games out there, especially the ones who gets the money thrown at them, they still accept news about any competitive game there is that you can play on a computer. This is a good opportunity for Quakeworld news to get attention from readers that are there for other games. It could be games that are similar to Quakeworld, or they could have an interest in Quakeworld as they might have played it a long time ago. Either way it will attract attention and possible new players, which is a big win for Quakeworld.