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Retired Quaker Sujoy now runs eSport/gaming site ESReality.

  • Real name: Sujoy Roy
  • Date of birth : 1976
  • Nationality: Flag gb.gif English
  • First spawned: 1996
  • Map: DM4

From Challenge-TV's coverage of True Gamers Invitational:

"A late entrant to the tournament was the very famous Sujoy, from the UK, who some thought might be "out of practice" because he was "old school", and had recently graduated from Oxford with a real job and was working in New York. Being the one who had suggested to him that he contact Izn0 and come as sCary's replacement, I felt responsible for Sujoy being there and wanted him to have a great time. I think he really enjoyed the tournament and in competition he did not disappoint - I remember a very excited Reload telling me that Sujoy was a fantastic player and heaps of fun to play as well. They played warm-ups on DM2 using dmm4 rules and after Reload won the first few, Sujoy asked for shaft to be allowed so that he "could win one". Reload still won, so Sujoy asked for Reload to wear a brighter skin. Reload still won, but Sujoy explained to me that it was because he didn't get to play Reload with shaft and bright skin at the same time. Hilarious. Sujoy undoubtedly brought great style and class to the tournament, but unfortunately was just that little bit outclassed by Kane and Sectopod in his group, although he played some great games and gave Nikodemus and Blitzer in particular very tough competition (taking a win from Niko on DM2, and winning both his games with Blitzer)."

Clan history


  • The first one to make (or rather, to record) the famous DM4 get-out-of-lava rocketjump
  • Had an entire article in PC Gamer written about him
  • Famously quit his highly paid job at a banking institution in the US a few months after moving there following graduation from Cambridge University, in order to persue a career in the gaming industry
  • Finished 3rd overall in the Global Quakeworld Ranking and was the highest ranked player from Europe
  • 1st place UKOOL season 1
  • 1st place Wireplay Lan


  • "Some of the best times I had was late at night when we'd finished fragging and I'd just be sitting on a server chatting to friends I had made online. We'd spend the time trying different moves, rocket jumps, and just seeing what else was possible in Quake. It was almost like those scenes in the Matrix where Neo is learning to exploit his matrix world. We were seeing what crazy things we could do in our Quake world."


  • Pronounces xhrl "Zharl for sure".
  • Calls the Quakeguy Joey.

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