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IRL  /  14 Feb 2009, 11:29
I'm currently on a 1600mhz amd sempron / 1280mb single channel ddr1ram and a radeon 9100. I'm looking a system similar or better than 2500~mhz singlecore and/or a true SMP with 2 or 4 cpu's with at least 1500mhz each for doing a quakeworld movie. It's really frustrating to use my machine to work on it's just to slow, if you have something or know where to find a good deal i will be grateful as I will be low on funds the coming months, over and out.
IRL  /  31 Dec 2008, 15:17
Things I've noticed during this year.

1. More new players than new old players (read oldschool/retired)
2. Less active regulated 4on4 and more mixes
3. The Viper Squad smashing mixteams into bits
4. Increased quantity of linux related questions on forum/irc
And on a sidenote nQuake now has over 40.000 downloads since it's inception.

For me it's a good year but could have been much better of course, let's see how 2009 pans out and good luck for you still playing -_-

c u @ qhlan!
Misc  /  26 Dec 2008, 03:16
I wish the whole qwscene could idle in #qwrookie as the average response time to questions can be quite bad at times. Please tune in and check it once or twice a day if you can help, also a high number of users is probably pleasant to the lonely rookie who joins and says hi. Over and out.
IRL  /  20 Aug 2008, 15:25
For the past few weeks my internet connection has varied in quality. It has driven me to the point that I've done loads of stuff i never do usually.
Misc  /  27 Oct 2007, 20:10
Hey, time for another lame blogentry without much thought
LANs  /  4 Aug 2007, 23:48
Im thinking this may be another photoshop mockup. But it looks quite right.
Misc  /  13 Jul 2007, 00:33
Hey guys my name is Simon Vargblom, and i go by the nick of Ruskie wiki in quakeworld.
I may be a little hidden in the scene but i try to make as much as i can.
I have been playing mostly cs before the goodhearted and always smiling Raket wiki learned me howto speedjump at a lan i hosted at my place.. god that was a few years back.
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