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IRL  /  14 Feb 2009, 11:29
Looking for hardware
I'm currently on a 1600mhz amd sempron / 1280mb single channel ddr1ram and a radeon 9100. I'm looking a system similar or better than 2500~mhz singlecore and/or a true SMP with 2 or 4 cpu's with at least 1500mhz each for doing a quakeworld movie. It's really frustrating to use my machine to work on it's just to slow, if you have something or know where to find a good deal i will be grateful as I will be low on funds the coming months, over and out.
2009-02-17, 08:24
great blog post!

QW community is thankful
2009-02-17, 16:02
Who is the one who has done most for QW, just shut it
2009-02-18, 00:26
sassa is
2009-02-18, 15:22
i was thinking me and goqsane not about sassaworld

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