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Misc  /  13 Jul 2007, 00:33
Hey guys my name is Simon Vargblom, and i go by the nick of Ruskie wiki in quakeworld.
I may be a little hidden in the scene but i try to make as much as i can.
I have been playing mostly cs before the goodhearted and always smiling Raket wiki learned me howto speedjump at a lan i hosted at my place.. god that was a few years back.
And now there is not another game that i will touch, i feel that the years i didn't play quakeworld was a waste of time and it makes me sad :-(
I feel blessed for playing this game and being part of this community, so i instinctively want to give back in any way i can.

The main things i have been working on is quite easy. but i do take pride in them anyway.

* Quakeworld wiki Cleanup and writing some minor pages
* Interviews and some minor things on Qwdrama
* Trying to be supportive in the fairly newstarted channels #qwrookie #qwhelp etc.

What i am looking forward to this summer is speccing some of the e-sports-stars playing quakeworld at quakecon and qhlan! QHLAN! And ofcourse, i'm waiting for the day that i'l loose my first dmm3 duel against Mawe wiki. hihi
2007-07-13, 01:05
a comment full of hot luv <3
2007-07-13, 01:23
Welcome to the blog-section ruskie!
2007-07-13, 01:46
we love u ruskie \o/
2007-07-13, 12:57
qhlan this summer?
2007-07-13, 13:17
a comment full of hot sperm ~~~~~~~~~
2007-07-13, 13:24
You're not hidden Ruskie. I find you constantly being everywhere, speccing or playing!

Keep them blogs coming!
2007-07-13, 20:13
kawai! i will certainly go for the Big hug next time irl, watch ya self
2007-07-16, 23:49
That day will come..
2007-07-17, 17:29
Keep on blogging
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